• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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Day before suicide 2 -Pinkie

Sonata's POV

I already have my Guns, now to say goodbye to everyone...

Next on the list: Pinkie, my bestie... It'll be hard to say goodbye to her, after all she is always so bubbly and positive and happy... Always smiling... It will probably hurt her when she learns what happened to me... An smile will turn into a frown and sparkly bubbly eyes will be full of tears... Or maybe not... Maybe I don't matter that much to her...

I go downstairs.

Adagio is not home, so I send a text to her, telling her I'm going out.

I walk till Pinkie's home, and knock on her door.

"Sonny!" I receive a big bone breaking hug from Pinkie, but this time I don't want this hug to end even being breathless with Pinkie's force, I want this hug to last forever after all is the last of this 'Pinkie's hugs' I'll receive.

"Hey, Pinkie..." I hug her.

"Enter, enter!" She says pushing me inside. "How are you? Better? I see you're better enough to get out of your room."

She laughs. The kind of laugh that lets your mood up, even when you're feeling down.

I smile.

I love Pinkie's talent, cheering everyone up, making everyone smile.

This requires more courage than anyone could ever imagine.

I admire her.....

That's why she's my bestie, even if she's down she brings smiles and happiness.

"Sonata?" She says worriedly.

"Oh sorry lost my train of thought." I reply. "So you wanna go to Sugarcube Corner or something?"

"Of course." Pinkie replies with a big grin.

We go to Sugarcube Corner and have fun.

I hug Pinkie longer, as I say goodbye.

"Bye bestie..."

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