• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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4- Day 3 Without Ari

Sonata's POV

I've been up all night... Thinking about Aria.

Is she seeing me now? Can she hear me?

Some tears roll down my face, while I uselessly try to talk to Aria.

"A-Ari?" I say between tears. "If you're here,and hearing me. I wanted to say that you were wrong...I can't live without you... Can't you come back, please? If you need someone's soul to stop living to come back to life, I can do it..."

No response.

"Aria, please come back..."I repeated again and again as if my wish would come true.

I hold my pillow harder and harder while I cry whispering:

"Please, Aria.... Please... "

Then I thought what If I haven't to live without Aria?What if I could be together with her? I can do that.

But that would hurt Adagio, and the girls also... But truth be told: I'm not living.

Maybe I can let something letting them I know I wanted to die,like a note.
Yeah, a note, one for each of them, beginning by Dagi.

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