• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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3- Day 2 Without Ari

Sonata's POV

"Sonny. Get up.We're going to a friend's house." Adagio said in her cheering up voice.

I didn't know of which friend she was talking,but I didn't wanna go...

"No." I said, my voice muffled by the pillow in which I was laying in the couch.

Adagio took the pillow from me.

"Please, go to the car Sonata." Adagio said in an more firm, yet comforting voice.

Then she took my hand and pushed me to her car while I was fighting to go back to the house.

I started crying:

"Let me go."

"No,Sonata you need it. " Adagio said as she started driving.

I spent the whole time looking through the window and remembering good times with Aria,each moment brought one tear in my eyes.

I kept thinking on how hard I wished I could see her again,with some hope It would come true. I closed my eyes for a second, no the wish did no effect.

We arrived in a familiar cottage in a few minutes. But I was too busy thinking of Aria.

"It's good to see you getting out finally!"Fluttershy answered the door.

"It's good to get out right Sonata? " Dagi asks me.

"Ugh? What? Oh Yeah, yeah it is." I say faking , I wish I was in my room right now.

"I have to go to the market, just came to bring Sonata,but it's good to see you." With that Dagi started leaving.

" You know Aria wouldn't want you to feel like this. Now let head on inside." Fluttershy said with a very comforting voice. "By the way Pinkie is here too."

As much as I loved Pinkie the last thing I needed was her and Fluttershy in the same place.

I couldn't help but feel nervous.

" F-f-feel What way? Oh Pinkie is here too? " I have my best fake smile while sweating.

That was useless tho.

"Yeah,Pinkie is here, she is in the living room." She took me by my hand and guided me to the living room. "You don't need to fake it with us Sonata we're here for you."

Then I realized they were my best friends,there was no need for faking.

My mind and my mouth suddenly started repeating the same thing over and over again as I cried:

"I want her back...I want her back..."

"Let it out." Fluttershy hugged me. "Let it all out."

Suddenly I felt another two warm arms envolving me,and a heard a voice saying:

"We're here for you Sonny."

My breakdown had lasted 10 minutes.

I hugged my best friends:
" T-thanks. It's Just I miss Ari so much..."

"You will miss her Sonny. It just shows how much you loved her. I can only imagine what I would do going through if I lost one of my sisters, and I'm not as close to mine as you are to yours." Says Pinkie.

Suddenly Fluttershy reads an text and calls Pinkie.

Then Pinkie goes to the living room and calls me:

"Come on Sonata. We can talk more in there."

"Ok." I start to follow her.

We took a sit in Fluttershy's couch.

"This is the first time I've seen you since the funeral, have you seen any of the others?"

I freeze with this question, but I knew It was coming and I'm going to answer it:

"No. I've been stuck in my room since then."

"You can't just hide away the rest of your life. You need to keep going you still have a lot of life to live." Pinkie makes a serious face at me.

"I know Pinkie... It's Just I need some time..." I lie.

" I understand and so do the rest of the girls, we're just worried about you."

Fluttershy walked in with some sandwiches and tea.

"I hope I'm not interrupting, oh and Pinkie also brought a nice cake with her today for after our sandwiches."She sitted down. "You girls help yourself".

I knew exactly where this was going.

"Thanks. But I'm not really hungry. "I said softly.

"Oh well...Can you at least try to eat a little bit? It's lunch time. You should eat something."

"Yeah Sonny, besides it's good." Said Pinkie.

"No,I'm not hungry. Thanks. Really." Huh,Dagi already should be here."Besides I should call Dagi she's taking too long on the market."

"She's fine Sonata. She texted me a little bit ago it just may take her a little longer then she though. You really should eat something tho. I can fix you whatever you want."

"No, I'm not hungry really. Thanks Fluttershy."

"Adagio told us you've stopped eating Sonata, you really need to eat something." Said Pinkie in a more serious tone.

"Do you think this is what Aria would want?"Asked Fluttershy in a serious tone.

Then I realized,that wasn't me at all,or what Aria wanted at all.

I started to cry again, then I felt warmt around me.

"It'll be alright Sonata we're all here for you." Said Fluttershy.

"We're doing this because we love you and we don't want to lose you too." Said Pinkie.

I kept crying and repeating:

"I want Ari..."

After some time I eventually calmed down.

"There ya go. Now that you've calmed down a little bit an you try to eat a little bit? Do it for me please?"Pinkie asked in a soothing voice.

"Sorry Pinkie but if I wasn't in the mood to eat before imagine now..." I said softly.

"I know I had to try tho..you really do need to eat more." Pinkie sighed and hugged me "I don't want to lose my best friend. Oh Dagi's here."

I was in relief,not that I didn't liked my friends but I wanted to go home.

"Oh She probably will want to go home." I hugged Pinkie. "Later Pinkie."

"Later Sonata." Pinkie hugged me.

"Later Shy. Hi Dagi." I said taking Dagi's hand.

"Later Fluttershy.Let's Go home sis." Said Adagio.

"Later girls." We heard Fluttershy say.

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