• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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2- Day 1 Without Ari

Sonata's POV
" Hey little sister. Wake up. "I hear Adagio's voice calling me.

But I don't wanna get out of bed, I just want Aria ... I groan in response as I hide under the covers.

" I didn't made breakfast. But we can go wherever you want to have breakfast ...."

I'm not really hungry.

" I don't wanna eat ." I say quietly .

" But you need to ... Let's go to taco bell? " She says worriedly.

" No. "

" To Mcdonalds? "

" No. "

" Stay home and I make you breakfast? "

" No. "

" C'mon Sonata you need to get up and eat... "

" No, no, no. I want Aria. "

" Oh Sonny, I know you don't want to but you need to forget her. " Adagio says making it seem like it's easy. But in the inside she's even worser than me.

" Dagi, tell me it is a lie, that it's just all a big nightmare. " I say crying.

She hugs me.

" I wished that it wasn't true also, Sonata. But she's dead. There's nothing we can do."

I start crying harder as I hold her shoulders tighter.

" Shh, shh it's okay... it's okay... " She tells me softly.

But I know it's not.

As soon as I calmed down a little she let me go.

" You can sleep more if you want to Sonny. "

" 'K-kay. " I lie back in bed and keep crying till I feel like sleeping.

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