• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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1- Aria's death

Sonata's POV

I saw it. I heard it. But yet it doesn't feel real.

My sister, my company, my best friend , the only one I could tell all my secrets for. Just slipped away.

I pack my things and look at her dead body, maybe, maybe she's still hearing, maybe she's not dead, maybe just weak.

"A-Aria?" I say her name, believing it would make she wake up from her eternal sleep. " I-I'm leaving...But if you're still hearing it and still alive... Please get better and return home, return to me and Dagi, we we can't live without you...You're the glue between us who keeps us together....we need you."

I know she won't answer back to me tho.

I start to make my way out of the room.

It doesn't feel like I'm stepping in the ground,or that I'm in my own reality.

Soon as I stepped out the hospital I received a hug and hear an familiar voice saying:

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

I look at her turquesa eyes deeply, Sunset is a really great friend,but "Sorry" isn't going fix the fact I just lost my sister.

Oh, Aria, how I want you back... I miss you too much...

I keep crying and before I even notice it, I'm home...

"You're sure you don't want me to tell
Adagio?" Sunset asks getting me on surprise.

"Y-yeah. Thanks for bringing me home."

"Anytime. Just know me and the girls are there for anything you and Dagi need, gotta go,see you?"

"See you later."

I look at the door and sigh, I didn't ever thought I would be walking through this door to tell Adagio such sad news.

I open the door.

The first question Adagio makes it's just what I thought she'd ask:

"Sonata, where is Aria?"

"Dagi, Ari is...Aria is...She...is...is..." The words won't seem to get out of my mouth.

"What she is, Sonata? Just tell me."

The truth finally gets out of my mouth:

"She's dead. Aria is dead, Adagio."

Tears start to roll through my face once again.

Adagio is paralized, she never thought Aria would be the first of us to go....

Soon I receive an comforting hug from her as we cry together.

Things will never be the same.

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