• Published 15th Jun 2017
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A Royal Summons - dracedomino

A horny Princess Celestia casts a spell to summon the perfect mate. She didn't expect a human to pop up, but she's willing to give this new master a spin!

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I loved this chapter my friend and I can't wait for more. Will you be adding Chrysalis to the mix as well?

She's not planned right now. This story's an ongoing commission, so it's up to the client where it goes!

Okay then, it's a good story either way and I love your work:pinkiehappy:

No prob. Hey do you think you can give me some advice for a story I wanna make? You can give your answer in this link here.

This should have a comedy tag

I like Shining Armor, but man do I like it when Cadance gets some human dick.

Human cock and horsepussy just went together

Finally someone understands!

smeksy smut for the smut of it.
good job. :3

Just out of curiosity, how would the members of the The Night family and the people and parliament of Equestria feel about members of the ruling family entering non-dynastic marriages/relationships?

Here's the answer:

Human dick

So why would an alicorn have a crush on a human? Are they part human? (That would explain some things about their apprearances.)

can we get barb in this you know spikes female counter part

But would any woman in our world continue a relationship if she were being treated like that?

I fail to see how that’s relevant. Don’t change the subject. We’re talking about Celestia, not some woman from our world.

When I read the description I was like "Seriously? :ajbemused:
Then I've read the whole thing and now I'm like "Seriously." :pinkiehappy:

We need more!

More! I need more! Keep up the epic work!

There will be no further chapters to this story. You can thank the person that harassed me for months over it.

Disappointing, but understandable. Thank you for an awesome story!

Eww lad, what harassment?

Literally the only problem I had reading this was the lack of "to be" before "fuck"/"fucked". "I need fucked", while it gets the message across alright, isn't the right grammar, it's "I need to be fucked"

Gotta admit, the last chapter kinda ruined it for me. Kinda wanted Hank to keep it to the Royal Sisters, and that's it. The whole "Alpha Male Human Turns Mane 6 Into Harem" has been played out man. :ajbemused:

Otherwise, story was hawt as fuck! :pinkiehappy:

That's one way to conquer Equestria. Without even trying to too. As well as being fun for those involved lol. LONG LIVE THE KING!!! LOL

Lol while that is annoyibg...my mind just started to put the words in on its own....and if that was your only problem then *holds up a glass* let's heat it for the king!

Fyre-byrd you do realize that there are some people IN OUR WORLD that actually DO like getting dominated like Hank does to these ponies? Males and females. You know that right? Bc if you dont i would check out this little tiny thing called THE INTERNET!!! I hear its a good source of info on the twisted thing we call the human soul lol


Well it all depends how good of politician Hank can be.
Plius he has stronger weapon (elements of harmony), 4 now alicorns around his cock. So he could very well do coup and hold Equestria under dictatorship. It isn't like other ponies would have anything to figth with against him, especially since he is actually preatty caring for 2 of his wives who are most powerful magic users and Twilight. Who is also very powerful.
There is nothing standing against him

Oh, so I guess I just needed to lurk moar. That comment was made over a year ago, when I haven’t even heard of such fetish existing.

No offense but I'm pretty sure my 11 year old daughter has heard of that kinda thing. Maybe (HOPEFULLY) NOT in anything close to the type of context in this story.

And now I feel bad for Spike. Now he will never have Rarity.:raritydespair::raritycry:

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