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I am...

...I'm really not sure who I am. Who I am seems to change with alarming frequency throughout the day. One moment I'm a unicorn who has an obsession with creatures who don't exist, and the other I'm a diminutive rabbit who wants to rule the world.

I don't know what's going on and I have no idea how this works.

I'm just along for the ride.

Based on the prompt from reddit user Moonbutters. Pretty sure this isn't exactly what he was expecting. :pinkiehappy:

-GM, master of FIRST.

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This was really clever, and a nice plot twist at the end! Have an upvote and a favorite!

This was a lot more interesting than I expected, to be honest. Great work.

i clicked cause i had a similar idea once, but the execution here is quite well done and makes for a much more entertaining read than i was expecting.

I really enjoyed this, and wish there was more.

This week, on Wild Equestria, we stalk the wild meme.

Fascinating stuff here, especially the hints of deeper stories that the information complex skips across. Thank you for it.

Cereal-Os! The cereal for ponies who eat cereal! A mouthful of cereal in every bite!

That aside, this is a fun little experiment in first-person perspective.

My gut feeling about this being Twilight's fault was correct.

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