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Short-story writer, future author, poet, history buff, broadway/musical lover, reader, college student, geek, and I think that about covers it! Thanks for checking my stuff out, it means a lot.


Thomas Jefurrson is returning home from Griffonstone, after helping the Griffons unite in revolution, to return home to a free Equestria. Little does he know of the commotion currently going on in the Canterlot Courts.


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Comments ( 6 )

Jefurrson...I feel like that was meant to be a bad pun, but to be honest I laughed my ass off for a solid 5 minutes when I saw it.

How does a bastard orphan...

It is :raritywink:
I love "ponifying" names.

Awesome, was wondering when I'd see a 'Hamilton' based MLP fic :twilightsmile::heart:

I'm shocked to come back to this site after 2 years and not see more musical based stories.

8235627 Tell me about it, I've come across one based on 'Sweeney Todd' n another based on 'Little Shop of Horrors' but no others though like I said glad to see a 'Hamilton' one.

Thank you, you have made me satisfied :twilightsmile::heart:

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