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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site


Original Publish Year: 2013

King Sombra has returned, and he wants the Crystal Heart, which has been shattered into several peices that scattered across United Equestria.

A mysterious hooded assassin is out to murder Celestia in an act of revenge

Lightning tries to propose marriage to Starla only to constantly be interrupted, and he also discovers that he may posses a newly discovered hidden power within his golden horn.

Spike wishes there were some way he could join the others in battle, and may be granted just what he desires.

Cadance can't seem to bring herself to grips with the fact that her brother is dead, and things get worse as she's about to lose something more!

Chapters (26)
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I like your fanfics. I up vote:heart:


and your up-vote counts because you're being honest. So far more than HALF of those down-votes can't be taken seriously because the fic had so very few hits when they were up, just like my Blog stated

I'm being honest too. These fics remind me of both Power Rangers and old school action shows in general.


And that is exactly what I want to see MORE of in MLP...

Littlest Pet shop (Secret Cupet)

Penny-Ling: "Oh Russell! don't you love movies about the prince who falls in love with the princess?"

Russell: "No... I love movies where starships fly through space to new planets."


LOVE Littlest Pet Shop, tbh. I prefer it to MLP because it's (somewhat) more based in reality.


Plus, the MLP actors are IN IT...

Wow. Nice to know you're still writing!


* Will never stop, no matter how many down-votes I get, or no matter how much people keep riffing me. I'm not giving them the satisfaction of quitting. I will always stand up for my rights, preferences, and pride.

"Stopping would make them happy... and I want the opposite for them."

Upvote because your still updating this after all the downvotes. You remind me of me when I first uploaded my first story. Oh, what a noob I was at writing...


don't let other people push you... it's YOUR WORLD... YOUR RULES... and YOUR PREFERENCES. Don't give the idiots the satisfaction of quitting. Stand up to them, let them know "When you read in my world, you'll read by my rules"

and the best part of all is, they're making idiots of themselves. If they hate your fic so much they could grow a spine and NOT READ IT or give such trouble!!

Just because you posted it, you didn't force anyone to read it. They did that all on their accord. they are the fool, not you

8234324 Wise words. Brought a smite to my face. Keep making look like idiots, okay?

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I don't think N-word's even mentioned in this one.

No Kidding! Because you don't even know how to read the insult I gave to Cherry-Lei. it said that I changed his name to SHADE before you made your dumb blog about it, but as usual, changing doesn't change you.

“I know.” said Cadance “But it just seems so hard to let go. He was my big brother, and I really loved him, but when I had to destroy him… it felt as if a part of me died with him.”

Lightning stepped forward. “You feel like you lost your whole world.” The girls turned to face him. “Believe me; I know what that really feels like.”
Cadance felt like she was only just beginning to realize the absolute truth and how her problems weren’t really all that bad. She only lost one or maybe a few family members or loved ones in her life, but everything else stayed the same for her. Lightning on the other hand, he lost all his people, his family, his friends; everything when his birth planet, Harmonious was destroyed. “I’m sorry, Lightning.” she said “I… I guess I wasn’t really thinking about how others have it.”

“It’s not your fault.” Lightning said as he joined her by her side and looked up at the stars. “When Harmonious blew up, and all my people died, not a day or night went by that I didn’t stop to think about it and all that I lost, and I still do, but I try to cope with it, and it helps. Now I have a reason to fight; a reason to keep on living; so that I can help protect others so they won’t likely have to face the same stuff I did. When Unicornicopia and Equestria were destroyed, I knew how everyone felt… but… look at all this, look what we created… in many ways we all learn to move on at some point, even if we ultimately can never put it behind us.”



True, but sometimes, some people just CAN'T recover. I'm not saying they shouldn't try, but... that's just sometimes how it is

I'm not going to argue with that. The point I was trying to make was that a person's trauma is not "worth more" than another person's trauma. People shouldn't be belittled because what they went through wasn't "as bad" as what another person went through. Like in this story, Cadance shouldn't apologize about being upset over her dead brother because it "wasn't as bad" as Lightning losing his entire planet. Cadence and Lightning shouldn't be comparing what they went through like this was some kind of competition.

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