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Hi, I am a brony from Singapore, I will read and write any fanfiction that is related to the military and ponies.


Twilight and Sparky are just regular fans of my little pony: friendship is magic. They are both 15 years old and still like MLP. Something their class mates don't approve. But one day two alicorns appeared in their lives. These two alicorns will change them in ways they will never expect. So the question is: How is that going to change their lives?
Inspired by: My secret Unicorn

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What is My Secret Unicorn?

It is a book I borrowed from a library

And I hope this story has better luck with LIkes and dislikes

Good luck! I Think Derby would be the Princess of Muffins

Spoiler alert! She is Princess Celestia's Daughter and another character of ponies in war will make his appearance here too.

Makes sense with Discird being Derpy's father. Pity about Rainy pictures, had wanted to know how he looks like. I wish you good luck for school!

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