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Politics are awful, especially when you are the newest princess of Equestria.

But you know what? I don't care. Sadly for me, Celestia does care and she will do everything in her power to teach me a lesson. Sadly for her, I tend to ignore boring things, like, a lot.

So what do I do? Escape to Las Pegasus and start gambling of course!

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Good job. Thoroughly impressed.

Comment posted by RainbowDash2017 deleted Jun 13th, 2017

tried to teach her a lesson
and she got what she wanted

She seems to resemble a certain whiskey-drowned security mare.....and enjoys gambling........hmmmmmmmmm

seems like tsunade only more lucky to me

8228981 Yeah, guess that’s just Celestia’s luck :trollestia:

8229635 Ok, you got me, I’ve been playing New Vegas a lot lately :ajsmug:

Haha1 this is funny! I love the comparison of politics to gambling, and how she humiliated blueblood. Wild card really needs knocked down a peg or two though, and learn some humility. Or else she's headed into Mary-sue territory.


This review is brought to you by the group, "A for Effort". :twilightsmile:
Name of Story: Wild Card: Princess of Gambling

Total Score out of 10: 6

Pros: The humor, while some times being mildly misplaced or untimely, still felt funny. I feel like you've really tried hard to give Wild Card her own character, making her quite unique. The c/c between politics and gambling intrigued me, especially watching Blueblood get put in his place.

Cons: The story contains lots of exposition, which guts the opportunity for you to write more. I would have loved to have heard the entire backstory revolving around when she first learned she loved gambling, though you seemed to have other plans.

Additional Notes: Grammar is decent enough, though I feel as though your inexperience shows at some points. The whole alicorn thing feels a little unnecessary, considering she was more than capable of handling herself without the royal status, though it's your story in the end. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the review, Jack!

Oh, exposition? Do you mean the first part of the story? Or in general?

Yeah, I don’t hide it, English is not my first language and I wrote this fanfic out of stubbornness, getting an editor can be a good idea :twilightblush: About the alicorn, I didn’t really know how to introduce Wild to the world of politics, she’s not from a noble family and she doesn’t care about politics, so the alicorn thing was the only thing I could think of :facehoof:


That's alright! I didn't even know English wasn't your first language, so that makes it more impressive. All in all, not too shabby. :derpytongue2:

Oh, I don't know, I think your English and grammar in this story are fine! ^^

Ladies, ladies... It's obviously a mix between Granny Big Boobs and Security...

“Looks like some ponies just can’t handle politics” answered the younger alicorn with a shrug.

Politics are the devil.

Wild Card's idea of politics is a "devil may care" swingin' time in Las Pegasus.

Also, you missed a comma.

"Looks like some ponies just can't handle politics," answered the younger alicorn with a shrug.

Still, a cool story. Wondrous.

Comment posted by Thood deleted Mar 29th, 2021

... But why? Love it anyway 🤪.

Nobody cares what a bot thinks 🙄.

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