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Twilight and Rainbow spend more time together when Twilight realises that she plans certain days of the month to spend with her other friends but hadn't made any arrangements to spend time with rainbow dash. Twilight rearranges all of her schedules to fit Rainbow Dash in for some time.

During this time she starts to derived feelings of more than friendship towards twilight but how will she deal with it? Who will she go to for answers? And how can she tell Twilight how she feels towards her?

All questions that Rainbow Dash asks herself when she reconciles with her feelings towards Twilight.

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You might want to fix the capitalization errors in your description, at the very least.

Thanks for notifying me about the errors. They have been fixed.

The plot is good, but it feels like the mare who saved twilight wasn't rainbow dash but an oc. Rainbow Dash should be hesitating when she found twilight, so she would ask the condition about twilight rather than chatting about alcohol. In addition, she is not that considerate that thinks of spike's opinion about if she is lying.

That is actually something you need to remember for later in the story, I'm glad someone noticed it this early.

Seems like it's far more than a romantic story.:rainbowhuh:

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