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Patch Day - drunkenpandaren

Starlight Glimmer's efforts to change the present affected the past in many ways, and changed not just Twilight's present, but everypony else in this alternate glimpse into another timeline.

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Variations 1.1 : To That I Say No Thank You

Variation 1.1: To That I Say No Thank You


“Everything checks out normal.” said Fluttershy M.D. as she patted Apple Bloom on the head with a wing. “You’re free to go.”

“Thanks doc,” replied Apple Bloom. “Ah honestly don’t know what happened there.”

“Well, the problem was that weird digital virus and you seemed to deal with it just fine.” said Rainbow Dash, who was sitting in the corner with a magazine. “Fluttershy totally whomped it, I mean, uh… she dealt with it.”

Apple Bloom nodded. “So any idea what it was?”

“They called it a Bugster Virus,” said Pinkie thoughtfully. “I’m not too sure what’s going on there, but they said it was some kind of new strain. Apparently it turns people into monsters.”

“Or at least tries to anyhow.” added Fluttershy. “I wonder what’s the cause of the virii multiplication?”

The three mulled it over for a moment as Apple Bloom looked between the girls. “Well ah dunno about you three ,but the farm needs help, an’ my big sister is coming on the next train over.”

“Oh right, go ahead Apple Bloom.” said Fluttershy.

As she washed up her hooves and wings, Fluttershy turned to her friends. “So… what now? That other surgeon hasn’t arrived and--”

A knock at the door cut through Fluttershy’s statement as a small violet head popped it’s way through the open door. “Excuse me? Hi, Dr. Twilight Sparkle,” said Twilight, drawing looks from the others. “I’m here from Canterlot?”

“Wait… what?” Pinkie was immediately atop the smaller mare as she looked her over critically.

“Something wrong?” asked Twilight as Pinkie tilted her head.

“Do you have an older sister who looks like you but bigger and with wings?” asked Pinkie rapidly.

“Nooooo? I have an older brother who is in the military though,” said Twilight as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy looked at each other.

“That’s so weird,” chorused the trio as Fluttershy cleared her throat. “In any case, welcome Dr. Sparkle. We’re just in time, to discuss a new strain of virii that has infected the area.”

“New strain? I’m a surgeon, I don’t do viral infections?” echoed Twilight, confused.

“So you don’t have that weird neon green thing and the game, right?” said Rainbow Dash.

“Nooooo?” The trio looked at each other and at Twilight who shrank a little under the combined glances. “Can you explain to me what’s going on?” demanded Twilight.

“Well it’s like this…” said Fluttershy.

“There’s a weird techno-magic strain of virii going around that manages to infect a pony and turn them into a monster and another pony who looks a lot like you turns into a armored Kamen Rider in order to do battle with it!” Exclaimed Pinkie in a rush.

“What she said,” said Rainbow Dash, twirling a lock of hair around with a wingtip.

“.... that’s really what’s going on?” asked Twilight, bewildered.

“Yep,” replied the three in unison.


“Our facility is pretty small, but we’ve prepared a operating theatre for you.” said Fluttershy, showing Twilight the facilities when they had brought Twilight up to speed on the sudden weirdness of their lives hitting critical. “I hope it’s to function.”

Looking into the room, Twilight nodded. “At a glance, I can see the care for it. You know, I was worried, coming over to Ponyville General.”

“Why’s that?” asked Fluttershy curiously as she and Twilight moved on from the door.

“When I heard I was going to work with Dr. Fluttershy, the legendary medical examiner who went from professional gamer to doctor in less than six years, I was shocked and amazed. I mean, I’m Princess Celestia’s student and I never made it through that quickly.” said Twilight with a little blush and admiring look at the taller pegasus. “How’d you do it?”

“I just had a knack for it, and it’s not like I can’t manage stress…” Fluttershy stopped short as her eyes went wide. “Stress…!”

“What about stress?” asked Twilight curiously.

“Stress must be it,” said Fluttershy, as she elaborated. “Apple Bloom said she had been stressed out before she got infected, and then the monster materialized. Stress is a multiplicator of many diseases, so why not a digital one?”

“You’re saying a stress filled lifestyle might result in someone being infected by this Bugster virus?” asked Twilight. “That’s…”

“And with the Summer Sun Celebration coming, who knows what kind of craziness might be born from it. We could have a pandemic on our hooves.” Said Fluttershy.

“Ugh, to that I say No Thank You,” said Twilight with a face. “We need a way to contain the virus before anyone else needs to be operated on.”

“But how?” asked Fluttershy. “It’s not like we could throw a safety net over the whole town…”

The two doctors made similar faces, Twilight’s expression scrunched up in thought and Fluttershy’s with a frustrated expression. “We need to figure something out,” said Fluttershy with a shake of her head. “We’re the only ponies in town that are informed about this situation.”

“What about that other me?” asked Twilight. “The one Pinkie Pie asked about?”

“She’s… somewhere,” said Fluttershy. “I don’t know where she went.”

As the two pondered, Nurse First Aid came into the room, holding a large briefcase. “Ah, Doctor Sparkle, there you are.” said First Aid. “There’s a delivery for you.”

“For me?” asked Twilight, taking the case and opening it up cautiously. Inside, there was a green device that Fluttershy noticed, as well as a black gashat. “What’s this?” asked Twilight, looking at the game.”

“That’s Bang Bang Shooting, a first person shooting game that has been in development hell for years!” Exclaimed Fluttershy. “I remember my brother Zephyr being really excited for it before Glimmer Co declared it to be on an ongoing hiatus. Is the package from there?”

“Seems like it,” said First Aid. “A pony in a suit dropped it off at the front desk, and said it was for Twilight.”

“This may be timing then,” said Fluttershy with a shake of her head. “Somepony is predicting the outbreaks. This might be the start of our counteroffensive against the disease.”

“But why me?” asked Twilight. “I’m just a surgeon. I’m not actually good with games.”

“I don’t know. For now, take it with you, and we’ll figure out something later.” said Fluttershy. Twilight nodded and pocketed the game and the driver into her lab coat.


The train had just pulled into the station as Rarity awaited a passenger, who turned out to be a mare in a trendy dress with her mane in delicate curls. “It’s so good to see you again darling!” Exclaimed Rarity, practically draping herself over Applejack in a friendly hug.

“It’s good to be home, Rarity,” replied Applejack, her old country drawl hidden under a prim and pronounced diction. “But I feel like I haven’t been here in ten years.”

“It has been that long,” replied Rarity as the pair disengaged from their hug and Applejack took her bags in her teeth. “Darling, how has the fundraising been?”

“Fairly good,” replied Applejack with a smile as the pair headed down towards Rarity’s home. “It’s stressful but rewarding. We’ve gotten a lot of business in investing in charities and cultural benefits.”

“And the homestead?” asked Rarity curiously.

“I send Granny money every month. It’s enough to contribute to what I don’t on the farm,” replied Applejack, a hint of her country accent slipping through in her wistful statement. “Thanks for putting me up for the weekend Rarity.”

“Of course darling but I’d rather you visit the house.” said Rarity. “Your little sister and big brother have been wanting to know if you will come and visit.”

“I don’t feel like it’s a good idea,” said Applejack with a downcast expression. “I left when Apple Bloom was just a tiny foal, and Big Mac, well, he never replies to my letters. I feel like putting them through my returning when I’ve been in Manehatten for years might put stress on the family.”

“Well, it is your call darling. But you can’t avoid them forever.” Said Rarity as she opened the door to her boutique.

“I know that.” said Applejack as she went upstairs. “Can I go get changed? I’d like to slip into something a little more… rustic.”

“Of course darling. Your room is just down the hall.” said Rarity. Applejack nodded and headed down, as Rarity sighed.

“If only you knew how much they miss you, Applejack,” said Rarity. “And so do I.” She winced as a sharp pain lanced through her head and stumbled a little. “I need to get these migraines worked on.”

Soon, after Rarity got herself a pair of Tylenol and Applejack returned in a country style dress and her old cowboy hat, Rarity giggled at the sight. “Why don’t you look like the most prim country girl, Applejack?”

“Ah shucks Rarity,” drawled Applejack. “It’s a chance fer me to let my hair down a little.”

The pair shared a laugh as Rarity said, “Why don’t we go out today? Berry Punch’s place. We should probably…”

Rarity trailed off as another pain lanced through her head and she collapsed, much to Applejack’s shock. “Rarity!” Exclaimed Applejack as she ran over and checked Rarity’s pulse.

Strange orange blobs appeared on Rarity’s neck and Applejack recoiled in shock. “What in tarnation?!” Looking around, Applejack put Rarity into the recovery position and then ran over to the phone and dialed the number for the hospital. “I need a doctor at Carousel Boutique, the owner just collapsed!”


“Emergency case,” said First Aid, as Fluttershy and Twilight looked up. “They’re reporting strange orange blobs at the patient’s neck.”

“Another case, this is getting worse. Twilight, with me.” said Fluttershy.

Nodding, the pair left the building as a pair watched them go. “C’mon Spike,” said Dr. Sparkle, following behind the pair.

Reaching the door, they were greeted by Applejack. “Thank goodness,” said Applejack in relief as they ran up. “Rarity just collapsed while we were talking.”

“Symptoms?” asked Twilight as Fluttershy checked Rarity over.

“Orange blobs, she also had Tylenol out,” said Applejack. “Is it contagious?”

“Not currently,” said Fluttershy. “If only I had that Driver…”

“To that, I say No Thank You,” said Dr. Sparkle from behind the group. The bigger alicorn stood at the doorway, holding up the stethescope that was displaying a readout. “Spike?”

“Right here Twilight,” replied Spike as Twilight gaped at her double who held up Taddle Quest.

“Wait, not inside!” Exclaimed Fluttershy, lunging at the game and seizing it in her teeth. “Bring her outside first, this building is her life! If it gets ruined…!”

“Help me out here,” said Twilight to Applejack and the pair started to carefully move Rarity out of the building. “I don’t know what’s going on here but… I won’t let you harm a patient.”

“I’m trying to save her,” replied Dr. Sparkle, her eyes flickering with some unknown pain. She levitated the gashat out of Fluttershy’s mouth and pressed it.


Immediately, Rarity’s eyes shot open, glowing red as she proclaimed, “This host is mine!” Without warning, Rarity transformed into a giant revolver, pointing at the group.

“Proceeding with Level 1,” replied Dr. Sparkle in response as she slotted in her driver.

“So that’s how you do it,” said Twilight as Dr. Sparkle transformed into the short squat blue Rider. Turning towards Fluttershy, she said, “Dr. Shy, I need to help her.”

Fluttershy nodded. “Take care.”

Twilight nodded as she strapped on the Driver and held out the gashat in her telekinetic grip. “First Tactic. Transform!”

A huge graphic appeared as chest high walls appeared everywhere, with a voice shouting [BANG BANG SHOOTING!] echoed across the area. Slotting in the gashat to the driver, Twilight underwent a transformation, her body covered in mostly black and yellow armor as she landed.

“Kamen Rider… Snipe,” proclaimed Twilight as she rushed in to fight as well, her weapon appearing in her telekinetic grip.

“Ah don’t know what’s happening, but they’re here to help… right?” said Applejack, locking eyes with Fluttershy.

“They are,” said Fluttershy. “I just wish…”

“That you had this?” asked Spike from beside the mare, holding up Mighty Action X and the driver. “Throwing away delicate equipment, geez… what kind of gamer are you? Here.”

Taking the game, the dragon smiled a little. “You’re here to help, right? Do no harm? Well, they need your help.”

“Thank you.” Strapping on her driver, she pressed the gashat. “Transformation Plus!” Exclaimed Fluttershy, transforming straight to Level 2. “I’ll clear this with no continues!”

“Hold on a second,” said Spike as he reached over and changed Fluttershy back to Level 1. “You cannot separate a bugster from the patient unless you’re Level 1.”

“O-oh. That makes sense.” Summoning her Gashacon Breaker, Fluttershy bounced into the fray, bonking the giant gun in the middle of it’s sights.

“Double attack,” suggested Twilight and Fluttershy nodded, hitting their respective weapons. A whine of pitched energy resounded as the pair charged forward, Fluttershy leaping high into the air and coming down on a double footed stomp, while Twilight spun around encased in a bullet styled energy cone. The pair slammed into the bugster as Dr. Sparkle delivered her own slash, cutting the bugster in half.

With a spray of virii everywhere, the bugster separated from Rarity who flickered in and out as a large bipedal bugster with several machinegun wielding smaller bugsters appeared. “So you finally appear, Revol Bugster,” said Dr. Sparkle. “Proceeding with Level 2.”

As Dr. Sparkle transformed, Applejack cradled Rarity’s head against her. “Rarity, y’okay?” she asked quietly.

“Been… ngh, better,” replied Rarity as she took in the scene. “What’s even happening?”

“It’s an operation,” said Applejack as Fluttershy and Twilight threw their buckles open. “But unlike anything I’ve seen.”

“You have to remain calm,” said Spike, walking over and checking her vitals. “Otherwise the stress will overwhelm you, and it’ll be Game Over.”

Cutting down more gun wielding bugsters, Fluttershy double-tapped her weapon as she placed the Gashat into it. [MIGHTY CRITICAL FINISH!] howled the weapon, a sound echoed from the other two sides of the battlefield as Revol clashed with Blade, only to be plowed into by Snipe.

[BANG BANG CRITICAL FINISH!] Announced Twilight’s belt as she leaped into the air. “This’ll finish it!” She exclaimed, bringing down her back hoof into it’s jaw.

The bugster exploded with ferocious heat and wind. However, Blade’s weapon still howled as she cut into thin air and suddenly, Revol faded into view with a huge gash across his front.

[GAME CLEAR!] Announced the game as Taddle Quest completed the attack. “You two,” said Dr. Sparkle. “What are you two doing?”

“We’re taking care of our patients,” replied Twilight. “Who are you? Why do you look like me?”

Dr. Sparkle scoffed as she deactivated her buckle and Twilight gasped at the sight of the alicorn in front of her. “This is my battle,” she said. “Your gashat, give it to me. You can’t defeat a bugster like that.”

“Not without training,” replied Fluttershy, walking over and deactivating her own game. “And Twilight is a good pony. She’s the top surgeon of Canterlot. She knows what she’s doing.”

“Really?” asked Dr. Sparkle, eyeing the pair before scoffing. “We’ll see. For now, you two should focus on the here and now.”

Twilight bit her lip before she nodded. “C’mon Fluttershy. Let’s see to our patient.”

Stepping aside for the mares to check on Rarity, Spike walked over to Dr. Sparkle. “You’re doing it again,” he said as he was levitated onto her back.

“It’s for their own good,” replied Dr. Sparkle as she vanished in a flicker of violet light.


“That other Twilight, who is she?” asked Applejack. “Ah’ve never seen another alicorn before.”

“We don’t know,” said Fluttershy, shaking her head. “It seems she’s trying to solve this crisis on her own.”

“But why?” asked Rarity from her hospital bed, where she insisted on recovering in. “She looks like our new surgeon in town. But she’s so…”

“So cold,” said Twilight softly. “Like I would have been if I hadn’t attended Moondancer’s party months ago.”

“And the dragon, Spike was it? Didn’t you have an assistant with a similar name?” asked Applejack. Twilight nodded.

“He’s at the library right now, setting up everything. Though I wonder… who is she?”

“I can answer that,” said a figure from the doorway as a mare in a stylish suit stood there, a concerned expression on her face. “My name’s Starlight Glimmer, of Glimmer Corp, and I was the one who made you all Kamen Riders.”



Author's Note:

Published 9/28/2017
Series: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, MLP Friendship is Magic
Chapter 2 of 2 chapters