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Normal person just looking for some good, interesting stories.

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Is this, perchance, your first story?

Yes, it is my first story, & how long it'll be will depend on what my imagination will come up with.

Turn him into a pony who is exceptionally short and weak;and, looks like a colt.

Why should I exactly? Besides, this is my story. I can decide if he gets to stay human or not.

Chill out. It’s just my personal suggestion. Of course you can do what you want.

Alright, sorry. Since it was a suggestion, think you can give me a suggestion on what kind of situation that he's in when he discovers which pony that he's truly in love with? I already decided which pony it'll be.

Get nervous. In your text it reads, ""I hope they're not planning on doing anything 'weird', to me" I thought hopefully." This might imply a sense of nervousness around women. OR, it might imply that he doesn't immediately think of sex when talking about romance. In which case, do anything that isn't sexual.

I already had that down in my head, so can you give an actual situation with a location & time, please?

Lol. My bad.

I might be more specific if I knew who, but I don't want any spoilers. So, try him meeting her at a place he's staying by a mare who was at first just eager to meet the strange creature. Then have them start a conversation. See what you come up with?

Have to say, damn good. I just hope our Equestrian stowaway will be able to please the princess sisters, especially Luna since he kinda made a fool of himself in her great presence. But all in all, I can't wait for the next chapter! I believe when the next chapter I need to go grab my amigos Pinkie and Deadpool for a party! We can play slap the discord, trot trot revolution, Celestia Kart 8, and my all time favorite, Hug the Cuties! (Which involves hugging luna, fluttershy, and marble pie in the most loving way possible)

Just to let you guys know, chapter 1 is literally the ONLY time where the shrouded figure appears. He has no significant role other than helping Xavier get into Equestria. After that, he is never seen again. Ever.

Why are there only 33 words in the 5th chapter?

Did you hit the wrong button by accidentally :facehoof:

It's in progress, that's what happened. Don't worry I'm here to work on it now. I just need a little time to think.

Comment posted by zakatos deleted Nov 10th, 2018

Hey, how would some of you guys like to be part of my new group? If interested, just reply with a yes or no answer to this comment.

A self-insert harem that involves a human going to Equestria. Coolio.

The Diarchs DEFINITELY have too much free time on their hands...

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Meanwhile, in Canterlot, where Celestial & Luna have been watching the whole thing through some sort of magic ball of some sorts.

"I didn't know how humorous he can make things without even trying,"
Luna giggled.

"Same here, dear sister," Celestial smirked. "He has a way of cracking jokes without even realizing."

"Let's keep watching & see what'll happen next," says Luna.

you could.....say that:pinkiehappy:

Why aren't there violence, profanity, and sex tags?

Not bad. Like it so far.

Awesome! The name of my group is New Life Adventures.

Comment posted by DarkAngel864 deleted Nov 27th, 2018

This isn’t half bad I’m enjoying it keep up the good work

I loving this story so far and can't wait to see where this goes.

This has me officially hooked now I have to see more.

That was a awesome first meeting with the main six.

I'm shocked the laughed any got his jokes.

That was a cute but short chapter. What's the group ?

What the how come she's braking the forth all how did they even know he wanted wings,and how did they even get him said wings?

This was a cute chapter I'm happy he's getting closer with them.

This was a interesting chapter.

What the how come she's braking the forth all how did they even know he wanted wings,and how did they even get him said wings?

In case if you weren't paying attention to the author's notes in chapter 4, she knew from the memory spell she used

I hope he and his brother can get everyone's memories back and stop Demon Nightmare Moon.

mimesis? I believe the correct spelling is 'memories'

Thanks was a little to a lot sleepy when I wrote it.:twilightblush::facehoof:

I groaned and physically cringed... To be honest, I don't see anyone laughing at that joke, let alone the ponies there in the room... I more think they would have found it in rather poor tastes...

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