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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S1

A few weeks after the Battle of Canterlot, Flash, Twilight and their friends are called by Princess Celestia to defeat a returning evil. Will they succeed, or will Equestria be plunged into eternal chaos?

Edited by AandWguy

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Here comes Q--I mean Discord.

"Just let them blow off some steam," Grand Hoof replied with a waved hoof. "Its good for the kiddos."

Gorgenia just rolled her eyes. "I think I'm starting to see why Lightning and Script had problems with you."

, Well, Grand is not wrong.

This is going to be fun.

Another fimfic that deserves a like. I don't mean any disrespect what so ever Banshee531, just so u know but even though I want to add it to my favourite list but to be fair, I think I rather read the rest of the fic to see if it is as great as the others if not better.

Time for Flash to become a quivering coward.

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this next story started. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Sorry it took me until the second chapter to spot it. Anyway, great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups in all the right places. All I can suggest is that you don't make this TOO similar to canon. I mean, yes some similarities are unavoidable, but try to work in some significant differences.

For example:

1. After Discord gives his riddle, Flash can guess something along the lines of "Possibly, but it could also mean we need to return to the Golden Oaks Library, where we first found the book on the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie, Rainbow and I are the three fastest among us, so we can check the library while you, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy check the maze. We can't exactly afford to put all our eggs in one basket here. And, speaking of which, Princess Celestia, I would politely suggest you round up Luna, Cadance and Shining Armor to back you up in case BOTH teams fail. I have a feeling that, in that event, the four of you all working together will be the only ones powerful enough to stand ANY chance against him. As I told Twilight, we should NOT take any unnecessary chances here and SHOULD come up with at least ONE workable back-up plan."

(and this is just in case you DO like the first idea enough to use it) 2. Of course, Discord would be smart enough to set up all sorts of traps at the library too, just in case somebody was smart enough to correctly figure out his riddle. (the reason that there didn't seem to be any traps in the library IN CANON was simply because Discord deactivated them after he Discorded all of the Element bearers except for Twilight, so he figured he didn't NEED those traps anymore), so it is NOT going to be an easy recovery.

(and, again, this is just in case you DO like the first idea enough to use it) 3. After Celestia sends Twilight back all of her old letters, she could then tell Luna, Cadance and Shining Armor that, now, it's going to be up to them to keep Discord busy long enough to give Twilight all the time she needs to get her friends back to normal.

Then again, if you DON'T like the ideas, I will completely understand and will profusely apologize for wasting your time.

At any rate, even if you don't like the ideas, I will still be looking forward to more of this, but I will also be quite willing to be patient.

This is going good. Next chapter should be Celestia explaining Discord, and maybe even his first official appearance.

8338372 Nice ideas. Unfortunately I've already written the next few chapters, so I won't be able to do that.

Aww, poor Springer got left out again. Maybe you could add a chapter about what he went through while the others were gone. Just a suggestion.

I'm pretty sure he was going to do that anyway.

Perfectly understandable.

Question, when you get to it, are you going to adapt Equestria Girls eventually?

8354074 Yes I will. Flash will be going through the portal with Twilight, though I've only really got a basic idea about it right now.

Opposite of courage is cowardice, so we'll see a wimpy Flash in the coming chapters.

"Well," Flash said with a slight grimace, "that complicates things." Twilight then smacked him with her tail.

Ugh, Flash, you are such a dude. :rainbowlaugh:

Not entirely true, you see courage is doing what needs to be done especially when scared. Cowardish in the form of 'wimpy' is actually the opposite of bravery. Bullying is actually the opposite of Courage. It's an easy mistake to conflate them.

Having a sense of humor is an evolutionary necessity for males since we tend to be the more expendable of the two sexes, it's how we coup with a situation because we don't have any other venue for our emotional releases that is not otherwise destructive.

So Discord's power seems to not work on Flash as well as it does on the Mane 6.... There is something about Flash... interesting.

Discord's game has begun, and things are going to get worse before they get better. Looks like even Discord's magic doesn't affect Flash unless he concentrates. Which just continues the mystery of what exactly is with Flash.

Interesting that Discord had trouble taking Flash's wings away.

Flash will get discorded in maze like the rest of the girls, right?

So far it's getting interesting. Keep it up.

Well... in a way, I should have seen this coming... Flash did make a new Element in the first arc of this overall story.

I had hoped Flash would find a way out of Discord's munipulation.

Hopefully he'll be able to explain it to Twilight and get the other sorted out.

That was interesting. Nice to see more of Flash's past with Twilight. Now he needs to find the others and help them get back to normal.

"Okay...what just happened? Why was I able to do that?" he asked himself, rubbing his chin as he did.

That's what we'd like to know. :rainbowderp:

Bet you guys weren't expecting that huh?

No, no, we were not.

Also, that part where Flash learned to read was inspired by Fairy Tail, wasn't it?

Also, that scene where Flash breaks out of Discord's hold gave me Moana vibes.

Before I forget, great job writing Discord. :rainbowlaugh:

I would have thought Flash would realise Discord did to the others, what he tried to do to Flash.

Still, I can't wait to see the changes.

Wait and see is all we can do.

Not much else I can say

Well they're going to find the elements soon, but let's see how Flash will take it when they turn out to be useless with their bearers corrupted.

Oooh, Flash, you smooth operator. :rainbowkiss: Just don't use your power of persuasion to steal anypony's girlfriend. :rainbowlaugh:

Good job. I wonder how Springer is reacting to the chaos. Is he still sane, or now is he chaosfied as well? I can't wait to read it.

There's a reason why he's the fandom's waifu-stealer.:raritywink:

"He's got you there Twi," Flash admitted.

... Best line in the chapter. Although not to toot my own horn, I too touched upon Twilight's previous statement with this....

So, I might be opening a HUGE can of worms, but I have to ask, did Flash Magnus from "Campfire Tales" remind anyone of Banshee's portrayal of Flash Sentry?

So, are you going to make Sentry Magnus's descendant in your stories or what?

8393527 I might leave that for the readers to decide. What do you think.

I'm personally adding that to my headcanon. As for your story, I mean, it could work if you decided to add it in. Maybe Magnus's electrifying the dragons created some kind of ancient magic that ended up passed down to Flash.

Well.... Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Flash has lost his friends, and everything seems hopeless. Equestria is close to ruin by chaos. Flash and Springer decide to face Discord without the elements. Despite the odds, they're both filled with DETERMINATION!

Good luck Flash, you're going to need it.

Wooo! Go, Flash and Springer! Also, that plant monster Springer was fighting kind of sounds like a Pokemon, but I can't figure out which one.

8398979 Actually it's a Digimon. :pinkiehappy:

Oh. :facehoof::twilightsheepish: I haven't watched that show in ages and even then only casually. I looked it up though. Springer was fighting a Blossommon, wasn't he?

Great chapter. To be honest thought I hope Discord changes Spike and Springer. Or maybe a confuse ray attack. That would be interesting. Also... This story is near the end?!?!? You said final battle so?.?.?.?.? If that's true than this will be intense.

I remember reading a comment on your main user page about your stories having specific schedule's for when they are published. If that's true, you wouldn't mind telling me would you?

8400579 It's not so much a schedule as an order in which I'm publishing them. They're published whenever the first or second chapter is complete and they're updated in the same manor.

That was fun. I liked the Morris, pokeball, and Batman Beyond references. It was fun to read this chapter. Great job.

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