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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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For some reason I thought the title was "Petting Season."


You read the story?


I want wore :applejackconfused:

I'll try. Could be hot. So much pony.

basically a smeksual shitpost.

i approve.

How are they gonna bang. Soft and dry or hard and sweaty?

It sounds like you're unsure about that.

Well, if he fucking Fluttershy I imagine he have to gentle. Knowing how timid she is. Where is someone like Applejack or Rainbow could take it hard.

Okay. Well then I hope this works out for you, Bendy. You got this. :)

I managed to get a good bit down for chapter 2. But I think I need some editors. I could release it and edit it another time.

I can edit another time even further, here's my pure bendy take. Part 2 is now up.

I'll try. What did you like about this chapter?


People unironically enjoying a Bendy comic

Bendy is confused!

Go down the size of asses. Biggest ass gets the D, then leaves, shrinking the D so the next mare fits.

It's just a suggestion. You could also just go full comedy now that hes blown his load

Honestly, I liked how the main 6 were acting around him. And I really hope he knocks them up!!

This was epic I can't wait to see what will happen.

I loving this more and more.

Well, some guys think my work is good. They can use portals perhaps? Space avoid magic and stuff.

That could be funny.

Well, the blowjob is done. So, I guess I'll try write about the fucking. But maybe, some more blowing as well.

Aaaaand that's enough FIMFiction for today.

Dislike the mane six giving a blowjob?

His penis by the end of the story.

“So will I! If you need a pony to cum inside, I’m your pony.” Rainbow introjected.

Hold on a minute... <scrolls back up> yep, Bendy.

*<>* yay .. Another Bendy fic . been awhile since one of theses came in on my radio
~ and more weird measurements.. Dafuq is a "quarter and a half "mark ... Colour me confused

Hey good story, I hope this isn't too much pressure but you should make an alternate ending where the human says no, and then the mane 6 rape him anyways.

I think there would be some shrinking magic to fix that issue.

That line gave it away?

A quarter and little bit more.

That's too out of character, even for me. Plus, I don't really like rape stories.

Hey man, don't take it too seriously, it was just a suggestion, but I understand, keep it up, you're a good writer.


I know, people actually read these things.

Cock magic aside, i Couldn't help but go "Awwww"! At all the snuggling!:heart:

*<>* bendy ... You forgot luna .. Shameful

Wasn't expecting Celestia to sudden be involved, but I'm not complaining. I wonder who else will get a piece of Anon?

Dude, he has 7 ponies. It's getting a bit overcrowded.

Any other thoughts?

Not sure if I'll add another. I didn't want to write growth or hyperspace magic this time to allow them to take his cock to the hilt. So I needed a big pony like Celestia to be able to take it.

This might be the final chapter.

:applejackconfused: wow. That was some night!

*<>* Well he has to go to sleep sometime ...unlike us ( anon) cant idle forever

You enjoy chapter 3?

This was a epic end to this part

It might be the final part of the story, not sure.


I like this ending, maybe one more chapter with pregnant Tia?

What did you like about this chapter?

The part when celestia and twilight smash there asses on anon

But can you to more facesitting in the next chapter please

Yeah, that could be cool. Each one of them could sit take turns sitting on him.

Hopefully, I can get round to it.

This was epic I hope Luna join in next.

What did you like about it?

I suppose it could be done. But adding another mare makes it that there's 8 mares of them.

I love that the all turned into alicorns through sex must.

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