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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


(Creepypasta main 6 and the Anon-A-Miss crossover.)

After the whole chaos of Anon-A-Miss user still lurking at CHS and almost getting herself killed in a forest, Sunset wakes up in a house with a guy named John and her "best friends" that saved her life. Which it got Sunset confused however when these girls don't know her or where they are at exactly. Making a difficult decision to herself and some advice from John, Sunset decided that she'll do whatever she can to help these girls out to adjust living on and perhaps reform themselves. Although, it won't be that easy for six former pony murderers.

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I remember thsi diea glad it’s being done.

i need to look up the creepypasta version of the mane six.
I never well read those stories wasn;t a fan of them but glad these versions are trying to redeem themsevles.

Oh my bad, I’ll try to make an update for the extended longer prologue just for a new refreshing start. :derpytongue2:

There hasn't been a lot of stories with broken insane characters that want or need to redeem themselves from what I've seen. Also did you by chance find any creepypasta version of the mane six?

Any updates for this and your zero kirpy crossover story?

Hopefully before Christmas arrives and possibly a bonus of two more chapters. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Actually scratch that, it'll be before the new years. I had somethings come up Christmas and yeah, had some issues lately. Though once everything is back to normal, I'll finally get focused back on writing.

I had some other stories to write in and problems to fix. Don't worry though, I'll be back to update after my birthday rolls in.

where are these mane 6 from, I recognize Cupcakes Pinkie Pie

You're right about Cupcakes. The other five are from Lil Miss Rarity, Bad Apples/ Sweet Apple Massacre, The Shed, Experiments of Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Factory.

I thought it was rainbow factory for RD

also the Shed, as in Shed.MOV?

and Lil miss Rarity, as in the tumblr blog?

1: I didn't know that tumblr blog had a Lil Miss Rarity there, I just got it from watching on youtube. 2: The Shed is a little bit from Shed.Mov, but actually from a story. 3: Yes, Rainbow Dash is from the Rainbow Factory story. By the way, are enjoying this story so far?

What’s Experiments of Twilight Sparkle and do you mean THAT Sweet Apple Massacre

Experiments of Twilight Sparkle is sort of the Cupcakes version, only this time Twilight is performing horrible experiments on all five of her friends like a mad scientist for her studies. Sweet Apple Massacre, I can't go into much details cause it's too gruesome.

Is this going to continue? Because, I have a lot of questions.

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