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Star Hunter is a colt from the North mountain Village of Cloudhoof. Every year, young ponies depart from the village to travel Equestria in search of their special something, otherwise known as a cutie mark. It may start as a simple quest, but fate has other things in store for Star Hunter. The lonely pegasus is joined by a young prince who wants adventure and the doctors daughter on the long journey home, but what can he expect whe he gets there? Darkness will fall, but sometimes, that's not such a bad thing.

I would appreciate comments on anything I'm doing wrong(or right(or everything, input is always nice))
Thanks JKaneH for the cover pic as well as proofreading.

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That's a nice story!
Please continue it! :D

k...so you know how i said im no good at punctuation
...at least i put "" every dialogue like you're suppose to :rainbowlaugh: there where a few spots where i wasnt sure if it was talking or an internal monologue. so maybe re-edit it for those
the dialogue with dash about "being sneaky" , and the one that confused me was the one telling him Dash and his mother where waiting for him. there are probably more but im to tired to look again
other then that great so far. i loved reading it,
and thanks for crediting the pic :pinkiehappy: ...write another chapter so i can try a new one, then i wont feel so bad about having this one as my avatar haha

Nice story so far.

I have a feeling prince blueblood and Candent will want to tag along with Hunter on his quest to find rainbow dash.Should be awesome to see.:yay:

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