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Cotton has been acting gay all week. Maybe you could take him out for some "gay time." Nothing gay, tho.


This is a re-imagining of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic designed for Elizabethan stage performance and written in parody and facsimile of the language, tradition, and structure of Shakespeare's plays. It was inspired by William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher (more so by this video made about it by Kyle Kallgren that explains a lot of the techniques employed by Shakespeare and his imitators you can watch here).

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This is awesome! My favorite line was: [Aside] Among such ponies these, I take to cups. It just cracked me up.

Thanks for the nice feedback so far, all. Also, if anyone knows of any groups they think this would gain traction in, feel free to tell me about them. That seems to be how people usually find stories on this site, but I was not able to find a group that seemed to fit with this concept.

I love it, but you're way behind quota for random knob and fart jokes for the bard.

This was bizarrely creative. I especially loved Rainbow's introduction. I'm not quite sure I've ever seen something like this on the site. I logged on for the first time in a year just to comment on it. Favorited. And I think you should continue to add chapters to this story if you're only doing a run-through of the episodes. I feel like the story feed could get cluttered with categorically all too similar content otherwise. That being said, I could imagine an original fanfic, and ignore the oxymoron – I mean a story that isn't based on an episode, being written like this, provided you're conceptually smart and play your cards right.

Deny I Ponyville it’s light? Never.

I think wrong apostrophe, unless there's something about the poetic tradition I don't know about, which is also possible.

Thank you for the high praise! Also, I’m glad you caught that “it’s.” I get annoyed seeing that mistake myself. Fixed!

Don't mention it. I wouldn't say it if I didn't think you deserved it. When I saw the description, I thought it sounded a bit... gimmicky, to be honest. It seemed far-fetched that anyone would actually put down all the effort needed to rewrite the entire first episode in verse, mimicking Shakespeare, but do it with actual poetic integrity to boot, which is what this story concept needed to succeed. You were soon vindicated though. I hope others didn't have the same reaction I did when they saw the description. :ajbemused:

Among such ponies these, I take to cups.

I see what you did there. Just found this, and I'm very glad I did! I hope you continue it someday.

Lol, I'm glad someone caught that.

And since you mention it, I continued it today.

Thank you for writing! Twas a merry time reading!

I love this! This is so amazing and I adore all the references to original Shakespeare plays! Thank you for completing this. :twilightsmile:

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