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How many things I have missed out on during my exile. How can I even begin to express my apologies to you?

Continuity: Equestria 616

Feature Sidebar 5-31-17

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Comments ( 23 )

:fluttercry: That was beautiful, I love it!

very well done *sniffle* i love it and i love the original fananimation

A wonderful and touching story. Thank you.

I'm not gonna cry...I'm not gonna cry...I'm not gonna cry...I'm not gonna cry...I'm...not gonna..gonna...:fluttercry:

So touching~

I'm not gonna cry..........I'm not gonna cry..........*cries*

That was so beautiful :fluttercry:

so vary beautiful.
the video is also a exultant piece of art.
it took me a bit to find a good link but hear is the video.

This is what comes to mind.

Why does this have so few likes!

Okay, that was a serious feels-fest!

a wonderful story. it really got to me

A very heartwarming read.
Always good to see another Luna and Snowdrop story. There are criminally few as it is.

This brought me to tears and I admit that wholly unashamedly


Ahead of me was a stone plinth in the shape of a Pegasus

Hm are you sure you want the word plinth? a plinth is the, usually cubic, base of a statue, not the statue itself...

Ok, nice story, but... there is some congruence issues...
Snowdrop lived around the time of Nightmare Moon so something like one thousand years before the moment represented here.
She was alive after the banishment of Nightmare Moon.
Twilight has ascended recently, presumably in the last year. So at MOST [depending on the interpretation of the show timeline] we have three years since Luna return.
That is not really a long time to establish a recurring yearly event.
Then we have the descendant... one thousand year are a LOT, It's bit strange to have something passed down so clearly... [then there is the point of "the last one I've made" that contrast a bit with the actual hope she would manage to meet her again... It seems that she has drawn up that will relatively early, more like a contingency than an actual last will]

All good points.

But it’s very vague about when the events at the end of Snowdrop occurred and I’m being deliberately vague as to exactly when this takes place outside of the continuity occurring in season seven.

And not a contingency so much as an unfulfilled request from her last will, though it could be cleaned up a bit, I’ll grant. I’m in the midst of a library wide revision and clean up, so this will come under the scope soon.

It is the time of year for this, keeping the past alive while still moving forward...

That was very well done. :fluttercry:

As soon as I figured out it was Snowdrop, I knew I would have tears. And I did. :fluttercry:

Excellent story. :twilightsmile:

Very touching. I never get tired of Snowdrop and Luna reunion stories.

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