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Sunset Shimmer approached Adagio Dazzle in the hall—well, cornered her, really—and vowed to teach Adagio how to sing again without the help of a mind controlling magic gem.

After a bit of persuading, Adagio begrudgingly relinquished her home address and accepted the fact that Sunset would be there that weekend. Sunset knew that once Adagio had a chance to think about it, though, she would surely be grateful for Sunset's offer and be willing to put in the effort to learn to sing again. And there was no way the other two sirens along with the general school populace avoided Adagio because she was just that awful.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

That was sweet. I liked the dynamic between the two.

I loved this story. I don't think I've ever seen Adagio potrayed like this before. Is a sequel to much to ask?

I disliked the smoking part, but it wasn't too bad

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Yeah, I figured some people wouldn't be into that! But... I threw it in there anyway. :unsuresweetie:


Not a direct sequel, I'm afraid, but I was thinking I want to do a multi-chapter Adagio Sunset fic at some point in the future!

Very nice piece! Well-constructed, believable characterization, and solid pacing.

I love Adagio x Sunset stories; there's just so much potential there. You did a great job with your version of Adagio. I could easily see the character acting like this some time after her defeat. I was less convinced by Sunset in this story, but her character was perfectly passable. Smoking and My Chemical Romance aren't things that I'd normally associate with Sunset, or the EQG universe in general, so they were distracting, but that's probably just a difference in opinion and can't be helped.

I'd definitely read a longer SunDagio story if you write one. Please do.

“You’re homework just can’t wait another minute?”

You messed up the you're/your thing a few times in this story. Once here, and at least two times in the previous chapter.

I wholeheartedly welcome Multi chapter Sunset and Adagio. This was fucking great.

Hey, thank's for reading!

And hmm, that's interesting... while I was writing it I was definitely thinking Adagio's character would be more of a stretch than Sunset!

You messed up the you're/your thing a few times in this story. 

Oh gawdammit.

There, went and fixed all those. Well, I guess that's what I get for not getting anyone to preread or edit and just going it solo. (Though... it's not bad compared to what I almost did. Was seriously just about to hit the submit button, then though 'ah, I'll give it one more look.' Definitely had no less than five instances of 'Susnet' in the story somehow. I must of mistyped it so much that google docs just thought I was doing it on purpose and stopped trying to correct me. This was almost the story of Susnet Simmher and her off-brand friends.)

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, awesome, thanks!

Yeah, people seem to be liking this well enough, so I'm probably gonnna go for it and write a multi-chapter thing kind of like this one.

The dynamic between your Sunset and Adagio, and how you write this needy, spoiled, lonely Adagio is just the best. I love Sunset x Adagio, and love it even better when the authors don't make her begging and pleading to be reformed or just completely changing who she without any fuss is so she can get Sunset.

Well, that was adorable!

The characterisation in this story is a masterwork. I love the personality you built for Adagio so much the next story I read about her is probably going to feel out of character because it's just not her. The interaction with Sunset isn't just believable, it feels completely natural, and I know that's the hardest thing in the world to write. And the romance was so refreshingly different from the way these stories usually end! Phenomal piece, thank you so much for sharing with us.

Loved the dynamic between Sunset and Adagio, very cute and I can see it totally happening. My favorite Sunset ship.
Great work 😉

Thanks again, glad you liked it!

And I totally agree, fics like that always kind of bug me, too. I wanna just read about Adagio being adorably awful!

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Awesome, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, thanks for such amazingly high praise! :raritystarry:

I was really stressing out about the characterization, actually, so that's really awesome to hear! And getting their interactions right, as well... it is super hard to write! :raritydespair:

And I always try to give the romance in my stories something a little more and a little different to set them apart—glad to hear you thought it worked and didn't come off as me going 'look at me, I'm trying to be different!!'

Thanks so much, it's great to hear you enjoyed it!

I was listening to Teenagers today :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story, the ending kind of leaves me desiring more, though.


I'm probably not doing a sequel, but I do feel like I want to write write more Adagio and Sunset in the future!

Wow, that was awesome.
(So, this would be the part where I go more in-depth about what I liked about the story, but to be honest stillinbeta pretty much covered everything. Just pretend this part is his comment, just with worse phrasing and more grammatical errors. ^^)
I have only one minor complaint: My Chemical Romance is pretty lame...
here, let me fix that

Teenagers is a good song 👌🏼

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