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In an Equestria fractured by the disappearance of the princesses, Twilight Sparkle sits on an uneasy throne. Beleagued by her own doubts and usurpers, she must knit together old friendships, and forge new ones to keep the land together.

Chapters (2)
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Hm. I like where this is going, and I eagerly await further developments.

Hmmm. Interesting. Tracking for now, might give you an opinion once I have more to go on.

It's certainly a very interesting concept, having the princesses disappear like that.

I wonder if you'll show more of Twilight's struggle to accept the throne later. I know that it was mentioned here, but it was glanced over pretty quickly and I'd like to see more of that flesh out.

I'm also kind of wondering about the rest of the Mane 6 and her other friends. Are they alive, dead, what? And where's Spike, Twi's #1 assistant?

*ominous music starts playing*

Interesting idea you got here. Ill watch

A little light on background, a little light on characterizations, but as it's only chapter 1. It's fine for now.


Overall, really well done. I like the concept, and writing, for the most part. The only problem I have is the light characterization. Beyond that it's pretty good, so far.

I'll watch it.

All will be revealed in due time.

The characters are going to be slowly developed because of how I'm trying to portray some of them.

What reason does Rarity have for trying to take the throne herself I wonder...a lot of possibilities are playing out...some more ridiculous then the next.

Alright, but, unless I missed something (very possible), the council members didn't even get a description. I only found out that Silver Lining is a Pegasus due to a comment about her wings. There should always be at least a basic description of a character that will speak, if even for only a few lines.

All I can think of is that she tried to run for queenhood, and some of the nobility backed her, and now aren't letting her back down, possibly by holding her family hostage.

Hmm. I see no other choice than to track this. Too many questions, too interesting a concept... too well written.

I have to agree with Dashie for being suspicious. There's no immediately definable reason for her to swear allegiance to Twilight after their previous encounter, just like it's nigh impossible to understand how Rarity came to be an excessively arrogant individual who seems to think she has more right to the throne than Celes' personal student, the one who was closest to her both personally (I assume. Twilight doesn't seem to know anything about Celes as an individual in-canon) and professionally. Whereas Rarity only ever interacted with her as... well, when has she ever aside from being addressed along with the others? Even Dashie's closer to Celes in that regard, but I digress..

And where are the other three in all this?

Are you still doing this story or is it dead?

Oh god.... the Stark family line?!? Granted, some similarities there... Still, a good chapter, though we need LOTS more to see what happened between Twilight and Rarity and the rest of the crew.

And it starts.

PSA: this isn't a GoT crossover. I won't explain that line for a bit, but it makes sense.

1319658 - Oh I know. I completely understand where your going with the 'Winter' bit at least. It makes total sense. But... it was a funny coincidence. To be fair, there is the whole, competing contenders to the throne side as well.

Yeah, it's similar, but it has a massively different style and some differing themes. Also, MLP fiction doesn't lend itself to that many deaths.

it is good I cant wait for more :twilightsmile:

Please continue.....this is not the first Twilight has to rule Equestria story I have come across, but for some reason they all tend to turn out rather well and this is no exception. Although I do have to wonder why Rarity is placing claim to the throne.....if nothing else it is not very generous of her and I don't know why she would even want to rule in the 1st place.....still the story overall seems sound, please continue

It's interesting, I'll give you that, but Shining in exile and not supporting Twilight is tough to swallow.......there had better be a good reason for this

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