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In an Alternate Equestria, Dazzling Sparkle (Twilight Sparkle) aspires to be the world's greatest Illusionist, while Gem (Rarity) wants to know everything about rocks. Offered to be the warm-up act for Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration Dazzling heads to Ponyville where Gem quickly catches her eye. Both and several new friends will be thrown together on a quest to save Equestria from Nightmare Moon's reign as they search for the missing Elements of Harmony.

Art by Egophiliac which I paid for.

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I love me some well-developed AU's! Looking forward to seeing more of this!

Awesome! You actually made it! I can't wait to read it!

I also have the first comment...Double awesome!

8198550 Nooooo! You beat me for first comment by a minute!:ajsleepy:

but in an alternate universe you were the one to get here first! ooOOOooooOOoooooo!

8198568 True


Twilight is such a better Illusionist and Magician than you ever were!


In my view Trixie is a straight up Magician. She does Tricks with Magic, rope tricks, Magic out of a hat, etc etc. So, not so much an Illusionist which in a world filled with Magic is focused on creating either powerful displays or extreamly well done false imagery.

However I CAN TELL YOU they both will be VERY competitive when it comes to who is the better Performer.

I always felt the rivalry between Twilight and Trixie in canon was one-sided on Trixie's part, Twilight was a reluctant rival. Dazzling on the other hood relishes the challenge.

hmmmmm good start, for some reason i want sunset to be Dazzling twin sister or older sister for some reason

You slipped and called her "Twilight" in there

8210713 Fixed! It is a challenge when writing it. I just have to remember to use the search feature when editing.

I cant wait to see it all happen, when will next chapter be out.,

Hope this continues honestly it's so interesting I love alternate takes on the mane 6 and so few are done or seem to get finished sadly. Well I look forward to seeing where this story goes.


Thanks! I want to continue it. Right now though I am stuck in GOT fan fiction trash pile.

Gem pulled out a large power drill that was half her size, the drill bit at the end of the drill however was cylinder shaped. It was a drill saw that Gem only used for taking core samples deep beneath the ground. Gem wheeled the core drill over to her work table and placed the drill bit next to Tom. Before she turned on the drill she made her to grab a set of goggles to protect her eyes from flying shards of Tom. “Safety first.”

if a rock could - it be sweating buckets. o_o'

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