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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.

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Flash Sentry sucks. Also, do you have the artist/source for coverart?

Another great work Slam, you know i'm usually a fan of butt-play but the way you rendered the foreplay and the action here was so well done it was incredibly enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Especially good job on depicting him fantasizing about her in the locker and that sextalk :pinkiesmile:

Nice job, keep up the good work on your stories!

Okay the sex was okay but making Flash act like this was something i was NOT okay with at all.

Love the story and a fan of the source material.

Considering the amount of man goo the POV character apparently pumped into Gilda, I'd be surprised if she didn't end up popping out a kid in nine months.

Hanjob? So, like, by an asian person? :trixieshiftright:

Haven't read the story yet, just found this funny.

Great story. I hope there's more down the line.

Can we get a link to the uncropped coverart?

Is there any chance of a sequel?

'Cause this was great! Fun, funny, sexy as Hell. The relationship you started here has real potential to grow. All in all, a good story, and a good clop story.

(please add a link to coverart if possible!)

Dude...I am speechless...wow.
You have RIDICULOUSLY GOOD tallent.
Keep faith in your work, you are really great at it.
Hope you have a good day/night

Nice, would like to see a story with these two

Much enjoyed. So wow!! Hot!! Very sexy!!! Want more! Yusssh!! Anthro Dragonlord Ember maybe? Hu hu hu:pinkiesmile:

Or by a person wearing a Han Solo costume.

[Staff edit: NSFW removed]
Best I could find.

This seems eerily similar to something I've watched before. Probably a coincidence

I read the first chapter description and I already know what you watched. That's my bad. Or at least I'm pretty sure I know what you watched.

Ok, looks like they won't let you link it; how about just the artist's name?

I remember the hentai although blurry the scenes are practically there.

Paizuru? Don't you mean "paizuri"?

she chuckled back at me.

she grins down at me.

You've got this tagged as second person, but are using the self insert character tag instead of Anonymous, and I find these apparent typos at the end.

Recommended you fix what I've pointed out to avoid confusion

Nice story!! Was a great read and I'd love to see a sequel to this one!!

8197115 Kevin Sano is the name of the artist.

This was pretty good for a re-telling, but I don't think I'll ever understand how some people think rewriting the dialogue from a hentai is a good idea. Maybe you just have to be into that cringy dialogue :p

Anyway well done !

Sequel plz

8198707 the self insert tag is appropriate, because second person =/ anonymous, personally I HATE when an author uses anonymous as a crutch for their story (because that's all it really is), this story is how you truly do it, also what are the typos in the quotes? I don't see any (but I'm also tired af so could be missing something obvious and not know)

That midair camera follow thru.... Pure gold. Beautiful. you've earned a new follower

I know the inspiration for this. you dirty, wonderful man.

So in the next one, is Gilda gonna wear a cheerleader uniform? and we get a side-look at what Rainbow Dash was doing with her boyfriend? :moustache:

Watashi Ga Toriko Ni Natte Yaru. You have good taste.

That was fantastic. I haven't been this turned on in awhile. :rainbowkiss:

FOREPLAY IS VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE! Speed toward the end is no fun. :rainbowdetermined2:

8199251 Ah, there we go, I thought this plot felt familiar :pinkiehappy:

Some grammar errors.

Other than that, well done. Very hot. Have a like.

8199445 yep. It is pretty much exactly the same as the source material. I don't find a problem with this, but I can't bring myself to criticize the story or praise it when it is strung so close to the original material.

8198719 No, the artist is Lvl, for anyone looking for the artist. I can't give a direct link, cause of nsfw drawing, but, if you wanna find it, just go to deripbooru, and look up under the artist tag lvl.

Overall, very good. I did notice a few small issues, the most noticeable of which is that the tense seems to change from present-tense to past-tense midway through the story, and then change back again a bit later. Recommend fixing this, as it was quite distracting from the narrative.

I also agree with some of the other readers in that I really don't like the idea of Flash being a bully. There is a pretty decent-sized roster of background characters you could have used to fill this purpose, and yet you chose one of the most chill motherfuckers in the school (as far as I know. To be honest, I haven't gotten around to watching the actual movies yet).

One last thing (though this one is just me nitpicking, so feel free to ignore) I thought the school's name was "Canterlot High," not "Equestrian High." That's like having a school called "American High." It doesn't really work, in my opinion.

But in all, it was a very nice story with a very nice sex scene. In fact, it was pretty inspiring. Would you mind if I took a few pieces from it and made my own thing with them? (It won't be a carbon copy, i promise. Just want a few of the plot set-up bits to work with. hate to feel like i'm stealing, so wanted to ask you)

Yep. I know exactly what hentai you watched.

Man I tried turns out you can't link stuff like that.
Just r34 it. It's in the first 5 pages somewhere

This is great! I would love for there to be a sequel. It will be great to see the relationship develop even more between Gilda and the protagonist. Keep up the good work!

Ooooohooohooohooo, daaaaaamn... mmmm this was a damn fine read, I freaking love stories like this with Gilda, they are glorious~

Good show! Good show.

Mmmm, this was a delicious fic, one with Gilda (my guilty pleasure) and epic feeeeeeeelz.

Damn good show, this gets a place in my Hall of Epic.

Also... if he did fill her up to that intense degree... methinks some things could potentially happen in their future if you catchy my meaning :trollestia: Also, sequel sounds like a lovely idea, but don't strain yourself too much over that.

Keep it up!

8199862 what hentai?? I need to know the name
For science

Well. It seems that we can expect a sequel, am I right? I mean, top of the featured box seems pretty popular to me.

Side note: run this through a couple editors. I noticed a few easy fix errors that were too blatant.

Even if it can't be linked, the author should really credit the artist, yea...
But as was mentioned, it's "lvl". Just looking for "human, Gilda, middle finger" on Derpibooru got me the source right away.

Great story by the way, I was so wrapped up in pursuance of the cover art that i didn't say that,

On a certain :derpytongue2: booru it may or may not be image number 1073726

8199862 you have peaked my curiosity.

The artist is lvl (that's what he goes by). The image itself is on derpibooru, as: 1073726

The cover image artist is lvltheperv on derpibooru. The image is number 1073726. He also draws great butts.

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