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The HMS Harmony. Pride of the Equestrian Navy. Wonder of military engineering. Hearth and home to almost 1200 ponies. An invincible dreadnought, and the heart of Sixth Fleet.

But in war neither ships nor ponies are truly indestructible. That attribute is restricted to the spirits and souls of the ponies who serve upon them. And, perhaps, the ships they serve upon.

Because those who have fallen before us are not truly gone or lost. We carry them along with us wherever we go.

Placed Fifth in the March 2017 Write-Off Event: Rising From the Ashes

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*sniff* wonderful story!:yay:

8197203 Indeed.

And most worthy of this Memorial Day.

We have shared the incommunicable experience of war. In our youth, our hearts were touched by fire.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

(Just struck me as appropriate)

Amazing story. Did spot a few hiccups in typos and punctuation, minor fixes at most, but they not once ruined the experience for me. Great job!

Such a moving and wonderful piece of literature that joins the few stories that have almost made me cry half way through the story, this story doesn't try to not be sad or dark. It takes it in stride and tells the story of a tradition that a old sea pony started from a disaster that he and few others survived. This isn't a story, it is a piece of art straight from the creator's heart. :fluttercry:

I'm just after finding this on December 7th. How fitting...

pearl harbor was about humans


Dem feels :fluttershysad:
Wonderful work

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