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My gods, this was great! Just the right amount of angst, incredibly feelsy, and I'd kill for a cloppy epilogue. Bravo, my good Jest, bravo!

I dont want to ruin the rating by having some unexpected clop but dont worry I have something that might satisfy that urge in the future ;)

This was pretty good for the most part, but I do have a few issues:
1. The stuff with Trixie, Starlight, Sunset, and Twilight just felt ... odd.
I don't know if it's because of the fact that I don't ship any of them with each other (I ship TrixCord, Starburst, Sunflash, and Flashlight (yes, I can ship both at the same time, since two versions of Flash exist)), or what.
And I realize it was necessary for the story, but it still felt odd to me.

2. I think this would need some kind of prequel to detail Sunset's settling in, seeing as she had lived in the EQG world for years, plus most of her friends are there.

3. This tidbit:

Everything went perfectly according to plan, even discord kept relatively quiet, only bawling and hugging his marefriends loud enough to disrupt things once. Much to Rainbow Dash’s annoyance and to Fluttershy’s shame.

Okay, Fluttershy I get (despite the fact that I don't ship Fluttercord)... but why Rainbow Dash

Those are probably nitpicks, but they stick out enough to me to the point where I can't fave this at the moment. I might reread it later and fave it then, but for now the rest is good enough for me to give it an upvote.

The ending was adorable, though.


Honestly I just wanted to toss in as many of my favorite crackships as I could. I might do a little thing that spins off and explains both of the other relashionships but well see.


Honestly I just wanted to toss in as many of my favorite crackships as I could.

...Eh, works for me.

Im in that group and all versions of it. I just haven't gotten around to submitting my new stories yet.

I was indecisive at the moment to start reading this, the premise looked good but the sex tag alongside the number of words to read were haunting my mind.

after reading it though, I just have to admit, it was a good little fic and Spike's character was well used here. Maybe a little moment to settle down Rarity's point of view would have been nice though.

Note: Seriously, I don't know what was the need of the sex tag :rainbowlaugh:
seconde note: have my like good sir.

I thought it was neccassary if I referanced sex or was overtly sexual but reading back through the rules i think i'll take it off.

This was a nice little story. I saw it in the needs edits from a group I was looking through. If you’d like I can do that for you. :pinkiehappy: I like helping others.

My editor did say he was on it but its been a week... Sure! Pm me and lemme know your experience.

I like the idea but the resolution came really quickly. You should have them talk about it and take your time doing it. Also Rarity wouldn't have any feelings for Ember yet. She would accept the harem situation and maybe even like the idea but building up that desire takes time.
The build-up was well handled with his anxieties and Twilight's harem but the resolution felt a little rushed.

Understandable. This was a request story so it was supposed to be short but things quickly got a little long.

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