After a magical mishap renders Rarity temporarily blind, Twilight Sparkle agrees to help her around the Boutique, utilizing a fancy spell that allows Rarity to see a simple outline of the world around them. It's just a gesture of good friendship; absolutely nothing more.

Nothing more whatsoever.

Who: Monochromatic
When: Interwoven Colours Conest
Where: RariTwiGroup
Why: Panties

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Aw crap the competition just got alot steeper here, at the last hour before the deadline.


And out of nowhere, lightning fast, Skirts tapped out a Raritwi fic


Why: Panties

What more reason does one need to read a story?

Oh shit boyos, that bar just got raised insanely high.

Well damn. I guess getting some Skirts is worth losing.

That's... Some hardcore shipping right there. And I'm in the middle of reading Appledashary.

Ignores first three links.

Clicks panties link.

You really do write the best ship fics. I can't see anyone else writing a short story like this, And making me believe in the relationship. In that second chapter, it could have gotten very dark. Say, if Twilight was using a spell to make rarity fall in love with her.
in the end I like the direction you took it though. Super sweet, and the mechanic of the spell was really cool and fun to visualize at the end there.

"It's been a good month for microfiber." -skirts probably

That's fine, though it makes me miss A Pair of Rare Shies. That was the most adorable story ever.

My, this is looking to be a lovely story, I wonder how it will turn ou-

Sees colored text in a skirts story


Why Panties

ynaut panties

Theatrics aside, this was in fact a lovely story. I've been a bit worn out on mane 6 ships for a while now, but when a story is this high quality that hardly matters.

"Swan Song?"

No no no silly Starlight. Swan Song is related to Discord, not Rarity.

"Hmmm..." Rarity licked her lips, savoring the taste of books and fear.

There's something a touch creepy about this line.

And the white lines stretched and stretched...

...until they both filled it with burning color.

However, this wonderful end visual was worth the time it took to read alone.

Took me a while to see what was going on with the title.

Uhh... the crotch on those panties looks a little wet. :raritywink:

Awwww. :raritystarry:
This is lovely, lovely work :heart:

I've never felt beautiful until I met you.


Very nice. Also that they both were ingaged in duplicity was amusing.

I never shipped RariTwi... before.

Damn good story. Damn good! Solid characterizatiin, so many cute moments. Starlight's revelation! Really just excellently crafted romance that left me smiling.

8195905 I might need a spoiler explanation, if anyone is willing. I'm not good at pictionary, or whatever.

Edit: I may have just figured it out, but go ahead anyway, whoever has the inclination.

Why do I feel like the outline thing is a reference to the sonic glasses in dw season 10?

I was entertaining the hope that I had at least a smitten of a chance in this competition.
And then I find that Short skirts & explotions have joined...
...goodbye hope. It was fun while you were with me.
Oh, and awesome story by the way. Really awesome, like oh-my-gosh-awesome. Bastard.

I just got it myself. It spells Monochrome, I'm guessing it's an allusion to Monochromatic, which makes me want to read this story more because I want to know why. :rainbowdetermined2:

You know how you can spell "boobies" on a calculator using numbers?

The title spells out "Monochrome" in the same way, likelly an allusion both to rarity's sight and to the usename of she who is running this contest.

Speaking of the contest, despite how great this story is I still think the up and coming writers I've been encouraging and supporting with art have a shot at winning this!

Ah, Twilight. So beloved, she adds a bit of color to a blind mares world.

A bodice-ripper, you say? Well, I guess the soundtrack for this ending will be "The Art Of The Undress".

Good luck,. lol

Not wasting a single moment, Rarity plopped filly Twilight onto her back and took her immediately to a saloon in downtown Canterlot. She heaved all the golden bits in the world over the counter, and within minutes the tiny unicorn was being pampered and spruced up for every inch of her life.

Y'know, I don't know about you, but personally, I'm not sure I'd trust a hair stylist who works out of a saloon.

Cute! :rainbowkiss:


A giggle. Then—an explanation: "Starswirl's Glyph of Roselight. It was used ages ago to help proto-Equestrians communicate with sarosians during nocturnal negotiations."
"Don't you mean 'bat-ponies?'"
"I know what I said."

I have a funny feeling that was a reference...

Absolutely outstanding job of visualizing the world the way Rarity was seeing it. Plus you kept it varied and interesting at all times.

I had the same thought. The writing date and concept just seem so coincidental

Now want to add an edit: This was a brilliant story. That is all.

This is a nice story. I like the way Rarity's Roselight sight is described. Cleverly meta in concept.

Starlight, you make me hate you more and more each day. You just couldn't stay quiet! This better not schlup up my pretty fluffy marshmallow romance you silly eye-searing clone of a much better purple pony!

Oh very well Starlight, you're off the hook. Good job with the flub you silly horse.

If this is going where I think, you don't have to worry about that!

Wow, was my mind deeper in the gutter than it should have been for this puzzle. Thanks for the breakdown, guys.

Skirts, excellent job on the cover art, even if my dumb ass couldn't puzzle it out.


So, basically dragons don't wipe out other races because this way they have a steady supply of stooges/slaves mining stuff they can swoop in and take for themselves?
And I wonder how to solve that sterility problem. What's this mean for AJ or Big Mac?



8197069 You know nothing of her character, yet you dare speak her name in such an ill light?

.... The two are actually completely different if you look at more than their basic character bios, this ain't Moondancer you're on about.

Whoa, that starlight sass was spot on! Fantastic, I'd say! Heck Fabulous even.

Damn, Rarity has it bad.

Absolutely adorable and a top notch addition to the rare amount of RariTwi fics. Thanks for writing it Skirts, it was a pleasure to read. :twilightsmile:

"Looks like Princess Celestia isn't the only alicorn who can raise the sun."

In all seriousness, this was great. Nice work!

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