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All Button Mash wanted to do was return a game he didn't like.

Perhaps he should've checked who was working at Gametrot first.

Artwork by megarainbowdash2000.

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Glad to see you back into writing. Also Gamestop is the worst place to get games anywhere. Remember when you could rent and return games like in the old days?

Oooh that's why I recognize your writing style. You wrote princess celestias newest arch enemy! Great stories, both of them!

Discord is probably thankful that Button's mother didn't come to the store.

That mare be scary.

I saw that Ed Edd 'n Eddy reference. Well played, you writing fiend.

Are we sure the colt who got suckered isn't a streamer? Because he's the PogChamp.

I heard there was a cheap knockoff of One Punch to the Face called Pinched Cheeks From Grandma.

Yes, I just turned 81 last January. No, my grandchildren don't call anymore. Yes, I have stopped taking my medication. No, I have not stopped watching "The Ponies". Yes, I have fallen and I can't get up.

Huzzah! Someone older than I am!
Hey, stop waving your cane and yelling at me! I'm not even ON your lawn! :pinkiehappy:

I hate Gamestop. I won't give them any of my money. If you want to return or sell off your used games then find an independent shop.

That was perfect.

This story is hilarious. Good work.

Wonder how long it takes this to hit the feature box. Guess we'll see soon, huh?

What the hell did I just read. Since when did horse stories get so realistic?


Clearly he should have bought the pogs.

99.9% totally accurate representation of Gamestop.
The only part missing was Discord telling Button that he only would get 1 bit of store credit for his 30 bit game. (or knowing Discord, he'd tell Button that he owed HIM 30 bits for taking the game back).

Yes, I just turned 81 last January. No, my grandchildren don't call anymore. Yes, I have stopped taking my medication. No, I have not stopped watching "The Ponies". Yes, I have fallen and I can't get up.

Bah, you young whippersnapper! Pretending to be older than me! I can only imagine the rest home we'll end up in. Nothing but Sega, PS1, and N64 video game systems, classical music (80's rock), and only gen1 MLP. Bleh!

Amusing story, and a bit cathartic to read. I wasn't dealing with Gamestop, but rather Steam recently and, suffice to to say, I was screwed on a refund. So, I can really sympathize with Button here.

8196277 I remember the Carter Years. Peanut farmers cannot run countries... and looking at Venezuela, neither can bus drivers.

Meh, not my game. The two for one offer is a nice touch though.

“Yo, Twilight,” the dragon greeted in speech bubble text. “We are out of flour, eggs, and butter for cake. Seriously, Twilight, I need my cake. You had better go retrieve said items from stores and shops around town—”

Button Mash groaned. “Not another fetch quest! How much cake do you eat?”

My PTSD of Fallout 4....

8195478 Seriously punch me, those cheek pinches hurt for a month! !:twilightoops:

This got way too real. Still, at least I didn't have to wait for DLC to see the last few paragraphs.

In all seriousness, very fun, and a perfect choice in Discord.

8199028 Oh, wow. That is so going to happen soon. Make sure you buy the new Kindle Ex-Extreme to get the last chapter of Stephen King's newest novel: "It 2: This Time It's Personal!" Otherwise, go screw yourself! :flutterrage:

8196277 I actually had that bit written down. Discord totalling everything up and saying, "Looks like you owe me eighty bits!" But then the story just becomes a laundry list of things that are annoying. :applejackconfused:

8195498 I think the last time I returned like 3 games and got 5 bucks store credit. That was years ago. I don't play many games and I think there's a reason for it.

The worst past is, Discord is the only character that could justify Gamestop's business practices.

8199404 I remember my Atari... which we got from a neighbor kid when he was done with it.

We were soooooo poor.

You have no idea what poor is until the most amusing thing you can think to do is dig an 8-foot deep hole in your back yard. For the 12th time. And discover, yes, the water table is still there.

Other kids had Legos to play with. We scavenged old bricks and mixed mud into a primitive mortar and built walls and things.

It was then that I decided one day I would rule the world... And make everyone else have to rent out their tree house to buy food! :pinkiecrazy:

...because of all the pogs at the beginning, i half expected Beatles of the People, Jim fucking Sterling Son (thank god for him), to be behind the counter.

This is why I stick with gog.com dude, or just buy games locally.

“Don’t go in there!” the colt outside the store warned, laying spread eagle out on the sidewalk.
Button Mash halted in his tracks, moving the videogame held between his teeth to his hoof. He glanced down at the pony. “Umm. Why?

They never shut up about pre-orders and basically steal anything you trade in. Its madness!

Forget it! Go home! The guy in there… he gets in your head!” Below the sprawled colt was a giant mound of small cardboard discs. On each of them was a random pony or cartoon. “You see all these?”

He got me to pre-order games that aren't even out yet!

“Pogs!” the colt screamed.


What in Equestria is a pog?”
The colt pulled on the tips of his mane. “I don’t even know!

You can use them to gamble on Boglins in this super-cool online game!

“Something wrong with ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Movie: The Game’?” Discord asked.

“Is it?” Discord asked snidely. “If you would’ve read the game’s terms and conditions, you would’ve realized that ‘Scissors’ is a pre-order bonus and ‘Paper’ is DLC. Did you read the game’s terms and conditions before playing?”

Discord is actually the perfect representation of triple-a games: utterly nonsensical practices that only benefit him.

The nametag traveled all the way to the floor; the font growing steadily smaller with each sentence.

This is just an Animaniacs script but with ponies. And I'm ok with that.

Plank! We meet again!

Oh CELESTIA this is the Fucking funniest thing I think I've ever read with Discord in it!


I think I'd actually go for the Platinum Punch in the Face. I mean, who knows, maybe it gives you super powers as a side affect?

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