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Sugarcoat has an illness inherited from her father. As a young girl, she would be in and out of the hospital. Sugarcoat’s condition stabilized when she was a little older and was only taking medication regularly. But recently, Sugarcoat becomes sick and is sent to the hospital.

Twilight Sparkle visits Sugarcoat in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Sugarcoat opens up to Twilight and the two of them bond. They find themselves becoming closer friends, but with Sugarcoat's unpredictable illness, would it last?

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I don't know what was more fun, reading the story or writing them together on Skype! Gotta love me some SugarTwi friendship! I absolutely adore this story, but the ending made me cry so much!:raritycry:

Is this a shipping story?

No, just no, That can't end like that. :fluttershysad:

Fffffffcrap. I'm in tears. That jolted some old memories with a childhood friend. Thank you for this story.

No, it shouldn't end like this. WHYYYYYYYY:raritycry:

oooph... my feels.

Oh man, right in the feels, and Sugarcoat is my favourite Shadowbolt no less.

Have a like.

This is a nice story, but it should have a Death tag.

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