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Haven't read the story, but: does this belong in Unsafe, Insane, and Consensual?

8187041 Hmm, maybe. There's some implied pheremonal mind control, but the way that plays out is that the CMC enthusiastically consent to cock vore.

If there's mind control, you might want to warn for it in the description.

8187149 Yeah, good point.

Would it have been the cutie mark crusaders +18 fucking Spike, then mabye I would have found this story to be better. But I am not the guy who commissioned it. He needs to like it, not me.

Yes! Another cock vore story, amazing!

I don't like that it's implied to be fatal but everything else about this was incredible. Headcannon is going to be that Twilight has a spell to get them back, because of course she would. >_>

8187343 Yeah, I usually prefer non-fatal outcomes, so you're welcome to imagine that they'll be okay. I kind of hinted that they were still conscious, or maybe became part of his body... and if that's the case, then magic could probably get them back.

Glad you liked it! I'd love to see more cock vore too...

8187162 I'll read but I'm more of a non-fatal person

Yeah, mind control is absolutely antithetical to consent, so no, it doesn't belong in that group.

8187592 Yeah, I'm on the same page. The commissioner pretty much indicated that they wanted fatal/permanent vore, but I tried to soften it with talk of being "transformed" and "becoming part of" the predator, which I hope allows readers to use whatever interpretation they like the most.

Unless the commissioner really specifically requested it, I wouldn't have the dialog or narration focus on the vore being explicitly fatal.

8187674 Yeah, I'm in agreement. The mind control is sort of implied, and you could read it as "they all just suddenly decided they wanted to get eaten," but as the author, mind control was my intention.

You had me at cock vore.

Decently written, but one peeve:

Willing, but also mind control.

Which one is it?

Just started reading this and thought I'd help with a bit of error checking

“Sweet Celestia!” she said. “I thought I smelled cum!” Applejack and Sweetie Belle, standing behind Scootaloo, exchanged a look.

I think that's meant to be Applebloom

8191464 Yeah, you have a point. "Mind Control" is the better descriptor.

Pretty sure males don't go into heat.

some species do have a similar conditon among males, but its called 'rut' or 'must' not 'heat' when its a male.
so its a bit of a semantics issue but eh.

:pinkiesick: that's not what I thought it meant.

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