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Dark Nightshade

I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade


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A good start; I'm super excited to read more of this! :pinkiehappy:

Friendly word of advice, link to the previous story.

8182405 Oh, thank you! How did I miss that?

He sounds like a flankhole with that last line

8188584 Yeah, he does. I hadn't noticed it. :twilightblush: Should I change that part?

Cadance made me chuckle.

I wonder what Sunburst and Starlight's fusion name will be.

Nah, too on the nose. The other fusions have been named after aspects of the two ponies. Think of it like each word of the name equals 1 pony. Dainty = Rarity, Pleasure = Pinkie, Silent = Fluttershy, Learner = Twilight, Shining = Sunburst, Sensor = Thorax.


Eclipse Seeker?
eclipse: Sunburst
Seeker: Starlight

Another great chapter! Super excited for the next! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
That is a good idea.

With our powers combined, we transform into a candy! Don't eat us, please?

How did he even? Nope, don't want to know.

This is an... interesting chapter. Don’t know what he/she-wait he said ‘he’- did it but I really don’t want to know. The image of Eclipse Seeker is...something

thanks for using my name suggestion

Why do I have the feeling that the fusion sex sex forcibly impregnated starlight and with her genetic makeup starting to change the spell matrix collapsed

Well, Starlight wasn't in heat, but what I had in mind was kind of similar.

if this story is done, mark it complete

it's cool, just wanted to point that out for you

"I don't think so," Sunburst said. "The spells almost ready, so prepare yourself!" He had barely finished saying that when an orange glow surrounded Thorax and himself. Thorax was lifted into the air and brought close to Sunburst. The last thing Sunburst thought was: "It kinda tickles."

"Because Starlight has talked quite a bit about you," Cadence said. "Besides, you're friends of both Starlight's and Thorax's, so why not?"

"Well, ok!" Starlight said, amazed by this. "Wait, Sunburst talked about me?" Cadence was about to say something when Shining Sensor started talking.

Who has talked now?
Confusion is strong with this one O_o

Cadence was talking first, then Starlight started talking.

What i meant....

First Cadance says that Starlight has told her much about Starlight... i repeat, Cadance says this TO Starlight.
And then Starlight asks from Cadance: Sunburst talked about her?

So how can Starlight tell about herself to Cadence if it was Sunburst who was the one who told her about Starlight?

So their gonna impregnate themselves and turn the kid into a lab experiment. I'm not even gonna begin to go into what's morally wrong with that.

Actually, no, that's not where the story was going to go. They are going to impregnate themselves, but not turn the kid into a lab experiment.

Starlight got my attention . HMM Twilight+Starlight fusion what WOULD DO ?

Umm a..sequel? what...happed with the ...kid after growing up ? will it be 1 or 12 ?

What bjenk4 said confused me a little :rainbowhuh:

What would happen if the mare fusion gets pregnant and then defuses. Would all the mares have a kid or would they only have part of a kid:applejackunsure:

I more or less see anthro starlight with a much smaller cup size maybe B or B+.

I was expecting starlight to have a smaller cup size. It made sense for fluttershy to have E cups because she's the shy one

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