• Published 22nd May 2017
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The Multi-fusion - Dark Nightshade

Sunburst fuses with Thorax, then Starlight, then both at the same time.

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if this story is done, mark it complete

Sorry, I thought I had.

it's cool, just wanted to point that out for you

Cadence was talking first, then Starlight started talking.

What i meant....

First Cadance says that Starlight has told her much about Starlight... i repeat, Cadance says this TO Starlight.
And then Starlight asks from Cadance: Sunburst talked about her?

So how can Starlight tell about herself to Cadence if it was Sunburst who was the one who told her about Starlight?

Umm a..sequel? what...happed with the ...kid after growing up ? will it be 1 or 12 ?

Ook , What next?

What would happen if the mare fusion gets pregnant and then defuses. Would all the mares have a kid or would they only have part of a kid:applejackunsure:

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