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I write when I write. I don't promise it to be good, or often, just, it's all words. Well, mostly.


Luna has struggled with Nightmare Moon's presence ever since her return, and has always been restricted by her, kept from doing anything for herself. She did make one friend though, and perhaps that friend could finally open her up and help her to find her way in society once more. Although, it's never just that simple, is it?

This isn't going to be updated regularly I don't think. I write when I get the feeling, so the gaps between chapters may be days or months (or years). Sorry.

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Good start! Make sure to add this story to all the appropriate groups (like TwiLuna, if that's the ship).

8179079 Sure, yeah, that was the next step on my to-do list. Thanks a lot!

8179152 It's Latin, meaning 'The Lunar Dust is my Only Friend.' I was feeling poetic, and I felt it kind of set the tone for the story. If you have a better idea feel free to suggest it though.

Interesting, a new face, WELCOME!:pinkiecrazy:

*Coughs* Anyway, I have recently not been very interested in what I'm seeing on the front pages on fimfiction and non of the stories I'm tracking have not updated as of late. However, I'm glad to see new content that captures my interest (even if the name of the chapter was a bit of a wow) and you are new! I love new things! Essential if they write as good as you do! Hehehe

Umm, well, I very much enjoyed this chapter; definitely cannot wait for more (I might just go read your other story!) and consider me a follower and let me put this story on my favorites and tracking.

-Stay strong with blessed blessings ~ Kir'in

P.s. Being a person who wants to only improve others, I would like to give you some construction criticism, everyones favorite 'ism'. When constructing a new scene in the story, don't jump straight to the characters interactions. What I personally like is when the writer takes time to create the scene, atmosphere and contex of where the characters are standing. I want to know what they are doing, I want to know the place looks like, I want to know if this place the characters are in is safe, homely and welcoming. Doing this will make me and other people want to see more of your marvelous work! (Also like the emoji for how you change scene)

8179955 Thank you! It's a always nice to know that someone has enjoyed what I've written. It makes it feel worth it, you know? And I'll definitely keep that in mind as I keep writing.
And yeah, the chapter name might be a little much, but I kind of like it. Although I may be biased. :twilightsheepish:

I like the feel. No glaring grammatical issues and the detail is lovely. The characters are all in character.

you have my attention^^ keep it up :D

Twiluna, Lunacord, Dislestia or none of the above?
Great story so far. ^^

Interesting start.. I hope this continues

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