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I'm just a guy who writes imaginary pony stories.


Pinkamena, "the Jester of Crime" and arch-nemesis of the Mysterious Mare Do Well, has escaped from prison and is on the loose in Maretropolis. Mare Do Well races against the clock to stop Pinkamena as she unleashes her most diabolical act the world has ever seen.

Based on Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore

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If Pinkie is the Joker, then who is Harley Quinn?

Best Mare-Do-Well story I've read so far, good work!:yay:

As they stepped out of the taxi, Mare Do Well opened a large umbrella that protected her from the rain, and she walked on the cold, wet ground.

Why did they arrive in a taxi, instead of the Maremobile?:rainbowhuh:


Why did they arrive in a taxi, instead of the Maremobile?

It completely slipped my mind at the time. Sorry.

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