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The Capital Wasteland. A name that no longer rings as true as it did seventeen years ago, when the Lone Wanderer - Carter - left Vault 101 in search of his father. Fresh food and water are readily available, many of the more direct threats have dwindled or been killed off entirely, and the general quality of life has improved dramatically.

Yet there is unrest under the surface. Attacks on fringe communities are an ever-present threat; much of the countryside is still controlled by less savory types; and tensions have risen within the Brotherhood of Steel, now under the command of Elder Sarah Lyons.

All the while, a flag can be seen, far off in the distance. A golden bull emblazoned on a field of red.

It is into this world that Rainbow Dash is thrown, with no knowledge of what brought her there or how to get back. When she and Carter meet in the Arlington Library, they'll both be dragged into the adventure of their lives.

An adventure that spans two Wastelands.

Technically a collaboration with re- Yamsmos. Go check out his stories!

Thanks to MaggieMoo for additional editing!

I was given permission to remake Rainbow In The Wastes by the original author.

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The hiatus is finally over.

I hope it was worth the wait.

funny last i checked the animal friend perk had a ridiculous amount of loop holes and weaknesses, has jerry never encountered them?

I'll admit that I increased the effectiveness of the perk for the purposes of the story. Its incarnation in Fallout 3 was laughably weak.

so the courier is destroying ceasers legion from the inside out?

That's what I had originally intended, at least. I didn't really do the best job at conveying it, though.

might have helped if you used some of clairs likely other underground allies, brotherhood of steel members, arcade gannon etc etc. maybe allude to the boomers, the problem seems like she has a complete lack of anything resembling a plan which is unlike the courier.

That was definitely something I didn't think about when I wrote Chapter 11. I plan to address the issue when I get that far in the current storyline. :twilightsmile:

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