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Dave is a fearless human who doesn't care about anything.

Rainbow and Pinkie tries to scare him.

They succeed, but in an unusual way.

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Congratulations I'm pissed off at rainbow

The story was overall pretty good, but what was with the constant tense changes? You kept jumping from present to past tense it gets a little confusing honestly

Holy shit-face, that was funny...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

8177247 Thanks m8. Didn't think anyone would laugh...

This story made me mad more than anything

Comment posted by SuptMrSeaUnicorn deleted Jun 1st, 2017

I'm sorry if you get pissed, I didn't see this coming...

lol, i wonder what Rainbow Dash had Dave do? unless i missed that part in the story somehow?

"Roses are red,
Dieting makes you thinner,
Big black teen creampies teacher
to get back his fidget spinner."

The deadliest toy ever, kids will LITERALLY attach Super Sharp Razor Blades to those things, and they waste their money a ton of em for no good reason, you only need ONE f1dg3t sp1nn3r b01

Fidget Spinners make me want to hang myself with my shoelaces.

Comment posted by ChildrenOfTheSun deleted Sep 26th, 2020

This should have a sequel where Dave gets back at dash by scaring her, humans are naturally extremely creative after all!

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