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I love My Little Pony I know I'm not as creative as the rest of you but I think all of my stories are special. I'm a kid in a grown-up's body. Sweet helpful and honest.

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Thespia is a Pegasus pony who has been ridiculed by other Pegasi due to her inability to fly.

First Published
19th May 2017
Last Modified
21st May 2017
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Thespia a Pegasus pony has always been a ridicule by other winged ponies by her inability to fly.

* Thespia is a pegasus that has always been ridiculed by other pegasi due to her inability to fly.

If I can't get through the description without having to reread it twice to make sense of it, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the story.

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>>8175195 Thanks for the correction.

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