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A guy who loves to create stories and has a big imagination. Also wishes to become a famous Actor and Director.


Maretropolis is a city like no other in Equestria. It is filled with various people from all walks of life. Equines, Gryphons, Minotaur's, even humans from Earth. The city is a shining example of how diversity, culture, and civilization can come together and thrive in one of Equestria's finest cities. However, with every great city, there is also a equal amount of criminals as well.

Maretropolis, despite its grandeur, is also home to vicious criminals, insane killers, and ruthless monsters. The Power Ponies, who the city so deserves, are the heroes who fight these villains and they are brought to justice for their crimes. Even so, their work inspires others to do the same and to follow in their footsteps to fight those who would undo order. The Mare Do Well, is one such heroine who seeks justice, and is not afraid to take any challenge.

No matter how daunting.

Art was created by the super fantastic Pie-Sama. Her art is super amazing and it was worth the wait to get this.

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Well, never thought that the Mane-iac would/could be the hero. I love how you potrayed Dinky. Young yet determined.

Do you know if Pie-Sama does requests?

8176351 Spoilers? I did't say anything about the Episode, the name gives it Away

8176571 Well, you did say The Mane-Iac was the hero in the comments section, completely spoiling Mare-Do-Well's identity.

8176584 it's no Spoiler as it was reveiled by the Last words.


I do thank you both on your comments, but it is appreciative to put the Spoilers in if you do mention something like that.

8176913 Thanks. Also, I'm glad that you liked my development of Dinky. I felt she was perfect for the role and I had to make sure she was unique in this story.

8178595 Indeed. :twilightsmile:

Also, thanks for watching, not sure how I exactly earned it, but I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

8178591 in which you succeed. dinky is my favorite Background filly. The Way you discribed the grenade reminds me of the grenades used in half Life 2.

Did Overwatch influence this in anyway?
And great story btw, did not expect mane-iac to be mare do well.

8179151 A little bit but not that much. Thank you for liking this, I do appreciate that.

Also, be sure to put spoilers when you reveal such things about some of the characters.

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