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Maud and Discord sitting in a tree n-o-t-h-i-n-g. That's what happens, nothing else to see here. But seriously, Pinkie Pie ends up calling her Sis down to Ponyville to have a little meeting with the lord of chaos. What could happen? (Not a Discord/Maud ship fic.)

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8171072 Let me congratulate you good Sir on being my first comment ever! (on this site) So, thank you. And I hope the following chapters will please you, though I can tell you they'll be more err...random than this first one.


Comment posted by Wonderbolt Writer deleted May 18th, 2017

After completing that sentence he fell off the stool, collapsing to the ground as a sound asleep little spaghetti noodle of choas.

Your spelling is a bit choatic.

This was almost weird enough to be a Greek myth. I liked it a lot. I actually think the ending is good as is, but I wouldn't mind more either.

8180921 Thanks, definitely there will be more. It is still 'incomplete'. I picture it going at least to chap 5 if not more. I've just been lazy/writing another story. :derpytongue2: But yeah, I can see where my author's note might make you think that was it. Lemme' go and fix dat...

Loved this! So funny and I would definitely ship Discord and Maud. :pinkiehappy:

8204253 :moustache: Mwahahaha! Could I interest you in a (Chapter 5: The sleepover) where they tell stories before bed and Discord Pokes into their tale a bit more? Oh and It was a scary experience for sure, one that they haven't completely gotten over. I guess I thought that their reactions to just remembering the experience would be enough to show how traumatic that was?

But I dunno if I can write their story in detail, just cause I don't much like to do the darker grittier stuff. I like to keep it more towards G rating with an occasional dip into more teen territory. :derpytongue2: There was a time back when I wrote on fanfiction.net that I wouldn't hesitate to go into dark territory.

So, hmm, I can't really think of anything to add to this chap that i'd feel comfortable with and that would make it all more detailed and complete. *a rock and a hard place. ...Maybe If I give it some thought I'll think of something.

Anypony got ideas on how to write a E for everyone traumatic experience chapter?

8204339 O_O I SEE ALL...

Actually, it was a joke of sorts in how easily Discord was brought to tears. :twilightsmile:

(Edit) I just looked at the comment and the smiling twilight head makes it look like I think crying Discord is funny. Now I kinda feel bad, LOL. It was directed to the Dragon dude I was replying to. But Imma still gonna leave it...

Omg this so good of a story and very original I LOVE IT I can't wait for the next chapter you're doing a great job W.W. keep it up 【(ChoCho)】

Is there any chance of this getting an update, or is it pretty much cancelled?

Um, well,

Sorry but It’s probably canceled. :fluttershysad:

I don’t see myself continuing this story anytime soon. Maybe I will finish it sometime...

Hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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