• Published 19th May 2017
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Changing for Love - Silver Inkwell

When Cadence meets a small filly she changes her life for the better, but will the filly do the same with Cadence?

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Second Chance

Chapter One: Second Chance
It was about two or three weeks after Cadence first met Chrysalis that she got the chance to meet her again, but things had changed very dramatically.

More guards now lined the whole entire castle and palace, and Celestia herself required that at least two guards be with Cadence at all times, four to eight (or even more) if possible. Cadence was unhappy with this situation and to make matters even worse Celestia asked that if she did see Chrysalis again to report it to the guards who would then get herself on her own orders. And now these new rules and orders were starting to wear down on Cadence and bore her, after all, she wanted nothing more than to make a good friend, and this was interrupting the time that she could foal sit a very special somepony named Twilight Sparkle who she also called a friend and despite the young filly’s shy and timid nature and passion for books, she gladly called Cadence a friend back. Cadence sighed and played around with a board game at the garden that she had last seen Chrysalis in, she was hoping that she would come, and if not, well then, she was waiting for something else to happen, something fun and exciting unlike all the old boring political matters and rules and laws that Celestia had to deal with all of the time, how frustrating it must be to be a princess.

And yet how rewarding it must be too.

Cadence herself was both scared, nervous, and excited to be a princess one day, but for now she just wanted to rest, relax, and enjoy herself too. But her plans might have to wait as she soon saw a pair of familiar green eyes staring at her.

She sighed and walked over to them, “You do know that if I see you that technically I’m supposed to report you to the guards, right?”

“Yes, but can we talk for a bit? I swear it’ll only be for a few minutes at most.”

Cadence sighed, “Fine then, but only a few minutes, I don't want to get caught.”

“Thank you! Anyhow I just wanted to say thanks for giving me this time and another chance when most ponies won't even dare to look at me because…”

“No, don't say that word, you’re not a monster, I don't care what the others call you or what they think, but I would never think that, or call you that either.”

Chrysalis smiled and poked her head out a bit, “Thanks for the support.”

“What are you doing? You’re going to get us caught!”

“Well, if we are caught and Celestia tries to deny our friendship she clearly isn't the pony you think she is and you can choose to run away with me, and if she does accept it, then no problem, besides, I can handle a few royal guards on my own, my mother makes me train and practice with other ponies all the time.”

“Wait, what do you mean by train and practice?”

Chrysalis smiled, “You would not like the details, trust me on this.”

“Well okay then, fine, but if I get in trouble for this I blame you.”

“No problem, I can live with that.”

“And if I ever escape my punishment I will find you and I will kill you too.”

“Well, okay then, great, let’s go!” Chrysalis said bouncing over to the guards.

Notch turned to look at her before shouting out one of the strangest things that he had ever heard or seen before, “Hello there, my name is princess Chrysalis, I am a changeling and it’s so nice to meet you and I’m friends with Cadence and I would also like to meet this princess Celestia, can I please see her?”

Notch could only draw two conclusions from this, either this girl was crazy, or she was stupid, or quite possibly she was both. “Uh…” he said not sure of what to say or how to respond. The other guard however, did not hesitate to respond and instead instantly rushed off to go see Celestia despite his own shock and surprise at seeing this strange new and unusual girl.

“Well, are my demands going to be met or not?”

Demands? “Uh…” Notch said again. Chrysalis scowled at him.

“Is that all that you can say or are you just mentally ill instead?”

“Chrysalis! That’s not a very nice thing to say!” Cadence said.

“I know, but I find insults are usually the quickest way for a pony to respond to you and whatever your questions might be, other ways include love and pain.”

“Oh, well, okay, wait, what did you say for the last part again?”

“Nothing!” Chrysalis said. Notch at this point was way confused.

“I’m sorry, can somepony please fill me in on what’s going on here,” Notch said.

“Ah, he speaks! And best of all he won't steal waifus away!”

“Chrysalis, if you’re going to speak please try to make some kind of sense.”

“Wait, so I’m not the only confused one here? Well, that’s a relief to hear.”

“Indeed,” Cadence said trying to gain some kind of control over the situation.

“Wait, hold on, what are you again?” Notch asked Chrysalis.

“A changeling, do you not know what that is?” she asked.

“Well, sort of, I heard you suck love out of ponies?” Notch said.

“Well, sort of, we feed off of it, we live off of it, it’s the only way that we can survive, all other emotions we can feed off of if we knew the magic, but they wouldn't be as tasty or as great as love. Oh, and if you have heard rumors about us changing into anything, that is true, well, more or less,” Chrysalis said.

“Oh, well okay then, now if you would please wait here for the princess I’m sure that all of your questions and ours can and will be answered in a reasonable manner, I mean the princess is the kindest, gentlest, and most generous pony that I have ever seen, and she probably has the purest soul as well.”

“Ugh, I hate it when ponies elevate a leader to god-like status.”

“Why?” Cadence asked. Chrysalis snorted in anger and frustration.

“Because a leader should be feared or loved and also have respect too, if they do not have that then they cannot lead, and while I do agree making one a god is good for intimidation of your enemies, it doesn't send out a message of humility either although we do respect strength and power, that being said it’s ridiculous the lengths you ponies will go to for making something so small, plain and simple so large, big, and huge, you overexaggerate it way too much in my opinion.”

“Well okay, we all have our own faults, nopony is perfect and Celestia is no exception to that rule no matter how much we might praise her.”

“Okay, very well then, that makes sense now, I guess that I can accept that.”

“Thank you, now then, anything else you want to say?”

“Nah, it can wait until princess Celestia gets here.”

“Okay, very well then, we shall wait,” Cadence said.

They waited in silence for some time until Celestia decided to arrive, “Well, hello there, my little ponies, it’s so nice to see a new face here, I assume that this can only be the ‘friend’ that you talked about even if only briefly, right, Cadence?”

“Yes, it is, her name is Chrysalis and she’s…”

“The changeling princess, nice to meet you, princess Celestia,” she said with a slight nervous smile unsure if she should bow or not, “Do I bow?”

Celestia smiled at her, “There is no need my little one, after all, royalty has no need to bow to other royalty even out of respect, but I am curious, how and why are you a princess? You look so young and yet you still do not rule?”

“No, that would be my mom Queen Mantis,”

“So, the rulers in your society are Queens then, therefore female?”

“Indeed, that statement is completely true.”

“What about the kings?”

“Oh, the queen will either usually kill them after mating or keep them alive to well, let’s put it this way, buck with,” Chrysalis said with a slight smile.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at the child using such a word but quickly put this concern aside for far more pressing and important matters instead. “Very well then, next question, why are you so far away from your own home, little one?”

Chrysalis scowled, “Please don't call me your little one anymore, and to answer your question I’m away from home because I don't get enough love and attention, and I also wanted to see if I could make a friend, I was also curious about the ponies. My mom barely gives me anything other than lessons these days.”

“And are you sure that there can be no ulterior motive either by yourself or your mother for you being here trying to make and be friends with Cadence?”

Chrysalis blinked in surprise, “No, my mother doesn't even know I am here right now, but if she did I bet she would be furious, she hates ponies.”

“And you do not?” Celestia asked respecting her name calling wishes.

“I still have to make up my mind on that, but I am starting to warm up to them although I suspect that this may not have been the case if the past was different.”

“Indeed,” Celestia said wondering what alternate universes that could and would and might result in, “And why do you want to make a friend?”’

“Because I feel all alone, and I just don't hope to make one new friend, but many.”

“Yes, I see, and Cadence is the one that you would call your first friend?”

“Yes, and my very best friend at that too,” Chrysalis said with a slight smile.

“Yes, I see and does she make you happy being with her? And what about your family and/or parents and/or siblings? Do they not make you happy?”

Chrysalis tilted her head sideways and considered the question, “Not in the way that Cadence or a friend ever could even if they did change to what I wanted them to be because once I am Queen I will have to look out and keep the whole entire hive safe and do everything in their interest with little regard to my own, which is why I think there is some pressure on me to mate or at least have a friend so I can deal with the stress and just talk and ramble on and also vent too, I also want more than one just in case anything ever happens, you know.”

“Yes, I see, next question, why do you have holes in your body?”

“They have always been there, well at least they have been ever since I started to steal the love from other ponies, and I know that it’s wrong, but it’s the only way that my kind can live and survive, the only way that we know how to.”

“Okay, very well then, although I suspect with time and some patience we may soon enough find a new way for you to live and survive without stealing or taking love, but that is for later, right now I still have some questions for you. Okay, next question, would you like it if you could come here to the castle and live with us? This would have the advantage of you getting to spend more time with Cadence and to see her, and to get away from your family, but should you ever wish to leave or take a break, or even to invite more of your family, that would be okay and I will not restrict you although I do wish you would ask me for my permission first before bringing anymore of your family along to the castle.”

Chrysalis nodded and smiled, “Yes, I would like that very much so, but I doubt that I would ever bring my family along even if I did enjoy this place, but I will always keep your words in mind and I will try to ask as much as possible, but hopefully not so much that it becomes annoying because I would not want that.”

Celestia blinked with some slight shock and surprise, “Okay then, but you seem nervous and/or excited, can you please tell me what you are feeling right now.”

“Oh, well that’s very simple and easy, I’m nervicited!”

Celestia sighed and giggled at the same time at this statement of joy, “Thank you, now then, would you like to spend the night here or not?”

“I would like to spend the night here with my friend!”

Once again Celestia blinked with surprise and shock, but she continued to smile warmly at the filly nonetheless, “Very well then, I am sure that can and will be arranged, and on behalf of the city and nation, I, princess Celestia, herby formally welcome and invite you to stay in the Canterlot castle in the land of Equestria and I sincerely wish the best of luck with your stay and that you may be happy and should you ever have need of anything do not hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you princess Celestia! Oh! I can't wait to be living here on my own!”

“Yes, me too, I wish only the best of luck for you and joy too, nothing more.”

“And in your experience what is the best way to make friends?”

“Be yourself, but there is no one way to make friends, or a best way, and the only way that could ever be false is if this society was not the way it already was.”

“Thank you princess Celestia, thank you so much,” Chrysalis said.

“Please, just call me Celestia, no titles are needed around me.”

“Very well then, as you wish, Celestia,” Chrysalis said with a slight smile on her face now, she was clearly enjoying herself, and maybe she liked to tease too.

Celestia grinned, “Are you resisting the urge to tease me right now?”

“Very much so, princess,” Chrysalis grinned at her. Celestia sighed but then a light chuckle before patting Chrysalis on the head warmly and lovingly.

“Yes, I do think that I shall grow to like you although I can easily imagine us being enemies too,” she said with a suggestive glare at her.

“I have no intention of being your enemy now or ever, princess.”

“As do I. Now then I have some royal duties to attend to, but the guards will be more than happy and willing to guide you and you may stay in the castle as long as you wish, I do request only one thing however, do not try to cause trouble and do not leave the grounds of the castle walls for your own safety and protection, inside I can protect you, outside I cannot and will not give you that promise. If you leave whatever happens will be of your own doing even if the crime committed is not yours. Cadence will also be here to help you out as you might need it, but she and other students of mine like Sunset Shimmer have our own duties and other things and stuff to do, even if not royal like my duty and role is. I hope that you are and will remain happy at this castle and as always I wish you only the best of luck, good day, I will see you later, Chrysalis.”

“See you later too, princess!” Chrysalis said back to her.

Celestia merely just sighed and rolled her eyes in response to the child as she slowly flapped her wings and then flew away. “So, now what’s going to happen?” Notch asked (saying the thing that was probably on all of their minds right now).

“Well, I would think that you have to do what we want, right?”

“Within reason, yes,” Notch said worried about where this was going.

“Okay, good, don't worry, I won't ask anything naughty, but I might ask something tough though, tell me, how good are you at hoof wrestling?”

Notch smiled, “Chrysalis, I am the very best at that.”

“Good, then I challenge you to a duel.”

“You’re on princess!” he said with a nervous smile trying to remain confident.

The first-round Chrysalis somehow managed to win, but Notch was still calm as it was a 2/3. But then she won again, and he made it a 3/5, and then a 5/7 after she won again, and then a 7/9, and after that she decided to quit to spare him anymore shame and humiliation. “How did you manage to do that?” he asked after losing to her for the last time. She grinned before responding.

“I’m tougher than I look, my mom trained me that way.”

“Well then, tell her I respect and appreciate her for that, and you too.”

“If I ever do see her again I will, but I can't make any promises.”

“Okay, fine then, that’s understood, but can I get some rest now?”

“Sure thing, I don't mind, you deserve it anyways, Notch,” Cadence said.

“Thanks, I'll find a replacement for me, see you soon though.”

He left and another guard soon took his place and then Cadence and Chrysalis played and talked some more and Cadence even showed Chrysalis her super-secret friendship dance rhyme and they laughed and giggled and smiled until it started to get dark, and when they could see that the day was ending and that night was coming Chrysalis commented that she was starting to get sleepy and tired, Cadence couldn't agree anymore with her and they made their way to the bed chambers although for Chrysalis she would have to sleep in a guest room although Cadence had her own, but Chrysalis was reluctant to sleep alone and the guards begrudgingly let her stay and sleep with Cadence for that night only.

Little did they know that the one night only policy would soon turn into many days, weeks, months, and even years in the castle as time slowly went on marching forward until it was no more.

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