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After winning Canterlot Mall's music video contest, the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts party together on the finest yacht their prize money could buy.

One Shadowbolt, however, doubts her place on the boat... and naturally, there's only one Rainboom that can set her mind at ease.

Prereads: Mooncalf and Jabbie

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You know what this is.


Also, if the inevitable official script requires that I update this, I will. See you in three months.

Ugh I am such trash

Hooray, you did it!

Excellent job. I'm always thrilled to see more Shadowbolts stories I can actually enjoy reading. Here's hoping we get to see some Indigo in future specials.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver



I was like “this is nice”

“uh huh”

“…girls you’re getting kind of close OH GODDAMMIT THIS IS ROMANCE ISN’T IT

But yeah, I thought it was super sweet.:heart:


Don't worry, you're coming along just fine.

See, the next stage of Bookish Grief is where I post a story with no Romance tags and you express disappointment that they're not making out. :trollestia:

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

8168680 Iunno about that.

I think my main issue with stories tagged Romance is that they remind me of those quarter year chemical spikes I used to experience when meeting a new special someone and if I continue that train of thought it’s just going to get depressing.

But for the moments I was reading your fic it was enjoyable.

I guess we all have our topics we get crotchety about.:twilightblush:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! :rainbowkiss: :heart:

i totally ship these two. awesome job.

I'm glad to see more Indigo x Rainbow stories, as they do make for a cute ship. Speaking of which, I found this story to be cute as well, and I love Indigo and Rainbow's chemistry throughout the story. I also adore how their goals, achievements, and flaws were all incorporated into the dialogue, which makes the conversation even more engaging. This was definitely the kind of story I needed after a few long days.

Anyway, excellent work as usual! :twilightsmile:

I'm not really sure how I feel about this story. It's well written, and I don't really have any specific criticisms for it, but it just didn't "click" for me. I think I was distracted by trying to figure out the events that Zap and Rainbow are talking about, and because I was focused on that I couldn't just sit back and enjoy the fluffy cuddling. Also, the fact that Indigo Zap isn't a character developed in canon meant that I spent a lot of time looking for hints about what sort of character she is, and how or why she and Rainbow got together. There was just enough context missing that I found it distracting me from an otherwise well-written bit of harmless, slice-of-life, romance.


To help with at least your first query:

This fic is based on the new EQG special that dropped in exactly one specific part of the world a couple days ago. Give it a watch if you haven't!

However, Indigo is a no-show in it even though all the rest of the main five Shadowbolts are. And that's how we got here. :pinkiehappy:

8168865 I didn't realize that special had dropped yet. Thanks for the link! (Oh, I think I really prefer the Polish version of Pinkie's voice more!)

:twilightsmile: No worries! Yeah the Polish actresses actually do a good job. I really like Rarity's and Sugarcoat's dubs myself.

Sweet, thoughtful fasthorsehuman shipping. What's not to like? Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:

A very touching and thought story, Bookish!

And this is not spoiling and you are not trash. This was a sweet look at what could be....what could ever be wrong with that?

Also, I didn't know you knew Mooncalf. Moon is a good pone and a good friend. Nice of moon to be a part of this story.


lol appreciated. ^_^ I tend to jest for effect, though, don't worry!

Sweet story loved the idea of indgo and rainbow i was happy to see a new story this soon :pinkiehappy:

Very cute, fan made aftermath of Dance Magic. Except the romance. Hasbro wouldn't make THAT canon.
Score rating of 10/10!

Understood, I do the same myself!

Teaser fic is teaser. Nice closure fic for Indigo though.

Oh my goodness this is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! It's good to see the athletes break out of their shells! Great pairing, really liked how you showed Indigo's softer side! Well done!!!:twilightsmile:

Gotta love the Shadowbolt redemptions.

Though I was kinda bummed Indigo wasn't in the short...or that Lemon Zest was so subdued. Kinda ruined bits of my perceptions of their characters.

But this? This right here was good and sweet in a calming sort of way.

So yeah, liked and placed in the appropriate bookshelves and looking forward to more.

You are not trash

We’ve talked before, often, about your uncanny ability to read between the lines of canon and extract from it a keen, compelling observation and development of a character or storyline. And this may be one of the most fascinating examples you’ve yet done, because it isn’t based on the presence of something from the show, but rather the absence. And it really is quite the absence; even as I understand there probably wasn’t an immediate purpose for her being there, narratively speaking, Indigo not showing up in “Dance Magic” did indeed stand out to me whilst watching it*, so your ability to find an answer that not only makes sense, but is in fact really interesting, not just for what it says about Indigo and her relationship with Dash, but indeed the entire social dynamic of the Shadowbolts and Crystal Prep, resonates all the more as a result.
Ironically, the nature of that answer-Indigo looking to her College-bound future and thus choosing to unwind about and reflect upon it with Dash-gives us a story where the two characters most obsessed with motion wind up being all but completely still all story long. And while I imagine that irony is intentional, I will confess it threw me. Up until the very end, I don’t know that I got the sense the characters moved, like, at all. Hardly a story-derailing problem, mind; not even entirely a problem at all, really, as it again serves, to my mind at least, as a deliberate way of underscoring the particulars of the emotional stakes at play. But it stuck out to me even so, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it occasionally distracting.
But again, that’s only ever kind of a problem anyway. The rest of the story is just strength after strength. In particular, I think this deserves a prize for being some of the most naturalistic, best-flowing dialogue I’ve seen you do, which, given how great your dialogue’s been in the past, is pretty impressive. But you really do find this great rhythm between the two characters that always, always feels believable in just the best way, communicating very much how Teenage they really are without ever invalidating their thoughts or feelings. Which is the other half of the equation, naturally; I really appreciate the precise nature of what these two are talking about, the ways in which they’re looking out into the future and how it reflects on their lives as it stands; the observation about how de-humanizing the whole College Selection process can be feels especially well-drawn (particularly for how Rainbow pulls Twi into the conversation as a comparison, but we’ll touch on that more in a bit), to the point where I can’t help but wonder if it’s something you have some personal experience with. Regardless, though, it pulls you right in to the heart of this relationship, showcasing how much it’s grown since “Linked By Bait” (especially for how much of where the relationship as it stood during “Bait” is still visible; that nice, ever-so-competitive tinge hangs just perfectly at the edges the whole time, and those moments where Dash and Zap gently acknowledge it are fantastic) and building up perfectly to our tender finale.
Which brings me to the other piece of this I really like. We spend no real time outside of Dash and Zap’s perspectives (a well-rendered element of the prose, incidentally; that sense of place, of a calm spot in a sea of activity, is very strongly felt), but the way in which their conversation touches on the other Shadowbolts, on Crystal Prep, on Dash’s and Zap’s parents…it helps us feel the connection their private emotions ultimately have to the world around them. I especially appreciate how nuanced a lot of those connections prove to be, too; as is often the case in your Shadowbolt ‘fics, the complexity of emotions surrounding the students’ relationship with Crystal Prep really stands out. I especially appreciate how Zap herself is trying to re-contextualize her experiences at the school to better fit who she wants to be as she moves forward, and likewise how Dash wants to re-analyze her own feelings about the school because of what she’s learned through her relationship with Zap. It never goes so far as to excuse the problems of the school’s environment and the effects it has on its students, but it does provide us a better understanding of the “why”s that fuel both.
It’s all just such a gentle little story, really. It has this great, in-the-moment quality to it that allows us to just hang with these two, to absorb their feelings for each other and for the world around them, the ways in which it’s changing…and the ways in which they’re changing.

*and fyi Watch This Space; I may have Opinions on that front too. 8D


glad there wasn't some aesonp's amnesia (whatever that is) in that short, but seriously, someone here has to stay evil, or else there is no one to bring you down so you can get back up even better

that pretty much why we need enemies and conflict in general (that sounded wrong)

I enjoyed it, though I admit I haven't watched the special yet. (Gonna wait for the full English release probably)

And is that a Precure reference I spy? A+ if so ; )


And is that a Precure reference I spy? A+ if so ; )

Someone caught it! :heart: Hope For The Universe +1

Out of curiosity, how many EqG ships are in your armada? Seriously, first Lemon Zest/Vinyl Scratch, now this. :rainbowhuh:


Oh, I'm not complaining, mind you. This is a sweet story regardless. :raritywink:

See, I love stories that explain curiosities that the canon didn't really touch on (I might've mentioned that before). And yes, the absence of Indigo in Dance Magic was something that bugged me. I regret not reading this story sooner, because this scratches my itch in the best possible way. And having seen what college scouting is like, it's very relatable, too. Excellent work, as always. :twilightsmile:


Out of curiosity, how many EqG ships are in your armada?

I used to have a defined number.

Then the Magic specials just... like... broke everything. :pinkiehappy: No shipyard is large enough anymore.

Bookish trash is the best trash.

Story +1'd.

Nice to see intimacy that comes up on you slowly, instead of hitting you like a freight train.

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