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The Cutie Mark Crusaders find themselves inspired to go back in time and witness the moments in which their friends got their cutie marks for themselves - believing that seeing them will help them far more than simply hearing about them will. But considering the fact that seemingly everything the three fillies touch turns to catastrophe, what exactly would happen if they were to achieve this? Could we be on the precipice of a present-changing disaster?

How much damage can three little fillies cause...?

(This story is a collaborated one between me and a friend. The main premise is his, though most of the expanded outline we wrote out planning it and all but a little of what's written so far is mine.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 21 )

:rainbowhuh: Wait, how does this only have 5 views?

I'm not saying that the story is inherently good or bad, because I still haven't read it, but... This is FIMFiction. New stories ALWAYS get views. How is this an exception? It makes me feel like I lied when I said that putting it here would get better feedback.

(Hey Zeel, guess who~)

I'm sure it'll get plenty once it gets approved. Unfortunately that apparently is going to take a while. At the moment, it's yet to actually be shown to the public. But no, thanks for the suggestion, I'm sure once it's approved this'll open it up to quite a few more viewers~

886833 Oh, you did reply. Don't forget to hit the 'reply' button on any comment that you are... well, replying to.
Also, I have never viewed an unapproved story, and I can see nothing that indicates that it is unapproved, so my bad.

And you still haven't guessed whoooo~

886984 Oh, sorry about that, Drey~

887021 But wait... how do you know that you haven't read an unapproved story before? You didn't know this story was unapproved before you saw it. If nothing tells you it hasn't been submitted, then for all you know, EVERY story you've read is unapproved!


887037 Not really. Any approved story always gets views. So a good way to tell if a story hasn't been viewed is if it's view count is hovering around 5 - like this one.

Now, we should stop cluttering this up with these comments - although I'm still waiting for you to piece a couple of things together. I hope I don't need to point it out to you. :ajbemused:

(Man, spamming this story with comments before it's even approved makes me feel like an idiot)

887057 Yeah, sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. :unsuresweetie:

This looks like a job for The Doctor himself Time Turner! :trixieshiftleft:

889448 People are probably going to expect him to appear in this story, aren't they...

Guess it'd be fairly easy to work a cameo in at one point, atleast. ^^'

889456 Wait what he's NOT going to be the one who sends the Crusaders back in time? :applejackconfused:

889464 Why would he do something like that? He's supposed to protect the timeline, not doom it! :derpytongue2:

889466 Well then how are they going to travel back in time, screwing around with the Tardis perhaps? :applejackconfused:

Let them use the tardis, i beg you

1099271 Heh, sorry for the wait. Chapter 2's currently at 4575 words, with just a few more scenes to go, so hopefully it won't be that much longer. ^^'

Well your doing an exceedingly fantastic job for your first fanfic and I can't wait to read chapter two.
You managed to stay in character which is normally a very intricate task for people who are new to writing fanfiction. I cannot recall spotting any grammatical errors of the sort which makes me very happy because I have the tendancy to be a grammer Nazi.

Please post chapter two soon and it's always a good thing to take your time in setting up your story :)
Don't quite being a genius ^^

1276545 Glad you like it, sweetie~ :twilightsmile:

Work on Chapter 2's been quite delayed, just haven't been able to get back in the swing since that trip to Gulf Shores... hopefully it won't be too much longer until me and my co-writer can sync back up and get into it.

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