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I have done nothing productive all day.


It's a perfectly normal day in Ponyville. Or, actually, except for one, tiny, itsy-bitsy, inconsequential little difference.

Can our heroes save the day from the venerable Scoota-saurus-rex that just so happens to have chosen today to go wreaking havoc across the town? All before their bedtime? And not covered in tree sap?

Well, no promises on that last one. But let's see how well they can do on the first two, hmm?

Originally created as an entry to the flashfic 150 challenge. It went over, and then I realised there was a prompt so I set it aside and did something else. :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks to Scoots for help with the title.

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Just foals faving fun, living out their fantasies. Beautiful!

Oh noes he replied! Now I have to say something. Uh-uh... uh-- *trips over stool*

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the fic!


8162323 Again, you're welcome.:twilightsmile:

Love the title:raritywink:


Actually, that reminds me...

Awww this is fun and very adorable :scootangel: :unsuresweetie:. Actually I don't remember last time CMC were portrayed as actual believable kids.

Yeah, it's been a looong time. Maybe... season 3, 2? They were much more adorable back then, imo.

This was hilarious and adorable. I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

Yay! Thank you!

tbh; this story gets far too few views. (I think it's underserved by the coverart)

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