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The Gungeon is a mystery to all, which makes it intriguing. Heroes and criminals, the good and bad, are equalized within the Gungeon. Regardless of their status, all of them come to find one legend.

The gun that can kill time. The bullet that rips through memories and imparts new ones. All it would take is a single shot to erase the past and correct the future.

This tells the tale of four Gungeoneers, and their quest to defeat the Gungeon.

Enter The Gungeon crossover, if you couldn't tell.

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Enter the Gun-geon! (Enter the Gun!)

Never expected to see a crossover fic of this, huh.

Anyways, it's is used when trying to say it is. As in, it's a sunny day out.

Its is used when trying to assign possession. As in, its eyes melted from reading spelling error after spelling error.

8155047 The only lyrics that game really needs

8155079 How many errors did you actually find?

Btw, who do you think would take place of the Cultist?

Who's who between the characters in the game and show?

8156742 I don't know if there will be a cultist yet. But if he comes up, I'll think of something.

8157078 They're all their own character. Nobody is inherently mimicking a character from the game.

actually The bullet name is "the bullet that can kill the past",and to use it you need "the Gun That Can Kill The Past" too

That's true, can't believe I missed that.

Wonderful. I want more of this story.

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