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To learn from the past to make the future, to see mistakes and remedy them, it is our duty to eternally improve upon our past.


A hag: someone with the power of nature, to use as they see fit. Sacrifice, and deals, power at a price, and more defines them. It is a hard thing to be a hag, and a harder thing to deal with them.

So when one of them, old and only partly wise arrives in a land that has no hags, she is confused. Lost. Upset. She does not know Equestria, and makes assumptions that are not wrong...

But not wrong doesn't mean right. It only means that you might be able to understand how the assumption could be considered correct. So, how will the hag deal with Equestria? A friend? An ally? An enemy? Its doom? Any of the above, willing or unwilling, knowing or not knowing? Everypony has their own opinion. Time to see who is right.

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This is a very interesting concept, one which leaves me on the edge of my seat for more. :pinkiegasp:
But I must know, are these from a collection that you have built up or are you writing these now? :duck:


Both. They are old ideas given a new polish, and sometimes rebuilt. This one in particular is the oldest, and one of the harder ones to polish.

8163240 i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/009/993/tumblr_m0wb2xz9Yh1r08e3p.jpg That is... hang on, let me look up a word that best fits...

That is stupefying.

This right here in a very interesting (and well written) concept. Please, do go on. :pinkiehappy:

8163857 Of course in a good way. The ability to write so much in such a short amount of time, despite already having the main idea, is utterly stupefying to me. Your skill is wonderous!

:pinkiehappy: Oh, that desperation! The anger! Hag better hope the forest, the wendigo, and the second spirit can keep her safe from the mane six, especially after they see the tree.
Also, are you using information from a mythology dictionary? Because if so, I would like to read it to learn more about Hag's abilities and make some theories on what is going on.:twilightsheepish:


To the best of my knowledge, a hag stems from nordic mythology, as well as Baba Yaga, in some of her forms. On the other hand, most of what is there is my own creation, which may or may not relate to actual myth.

edit: you can ask me, and I'll do my best to fill it in. There is no book that contains the information you seek.

8167985 Wow, you never cease to amaze. :raritystarry:

D'awww:rainbowkiss: So cute.
Now that there has been so much happiness and joy, the next chapter is bound to go hurtling into anger, pain, and bitterness.


That is... eerie. You either know me too well, or you guessed really well. Good job either way, but which one is it?

I would like to say I've learned the flow of your writing, but it was just what I would have done/wanted. :trollestia:
And you did surprise me with how dark you went, delectable. :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, magnificent. :moustache:
It's going to be a long, twisted road for all of them. :trollestia:

:pinkiegasp: Two chapters in one day? You spoil us. :twilightsmile:

I wonder why this story isn't getting much attention. It's really quite unique and well written. I'll be sure to keep reading and following it until its conclusion.

Oh fer heavan's sake;:facehoof: this is gonna be really awkward.
Great as always, very fascinating psychology with how you wrote Hag seeing a city for the first time.

For never having heard the song until right then, and not knowing the language, she didn’t miss a single word.

Because singing magic! :rainbowlaugh: That's going to make me grin everytime I remember it.

This is a cool story, deserves way more attention than what its gotten.

Oh, will there be a queen of hearts impression from Celestia? Off with her head? :pinkiecrazy:

And it is amazing how you make your characters so quick to empathize with, top notch stuff.

Oh that was fantastic, I was hoping one of them would end up joining her little group and who better than Pinkie to make life more difficult for her lol.

When I saw their was a new chapter. YES YES YES YAAAYAYAAYAYAYAAAAAYAYAYAYYAA! Spasms of joy!
And most certainly deserving that excitment, whoo! One bearer down; five bearers, a dragon, and an angry princess to go. :pinkiehappy:
I love the way you're writing Pinkie Pie here, in all her random awesomeness.:rainbowlaugh:

Aw, that is so stinking adorable. :yay: Reading this chapter, I find it somewhat absurd that this and Nightmare are both written by you.:rainbowhuh: A testament to your flexible writing. :twilightsmile:

God this story is great, why aren't more people reading it!?

I really liked this story and I hope you continue it.

I am overjoyed at how happy this chapter is (for the most part), yet also saddened by this being the final chapter. Will there be a sequel, perchance? :pinkiesad2:


Yep. It was going to be uncomfortably long if I got them together though, hence the separation. The sequel might take a bit, but I will get it sooner or later.

*nod nod* Alright, I honestly can't wait, and will loyally check for the sequel. :trollestia:

This Hag seems somewhat like Zecora, had that zebra shaman been a newcomer to the Everfree, not understanding it or Equestria.
Will they meet?

I was thinking this would be a comedy of errors, but instead, it's a drama of errors. Very odd, but interesting.

It is a crime that this story hasn't received more attention. I love it to death.

Well you know what to do :) link it to some group it should be in and it will get more exposure and the cycle repeats itself.

Wait. Hold up.

This is the ending?


No, it does have a sequel. I just have a hard time with the interface for the links.

I can fix that.

It might be better to keep it all in one story, but with different arcs. It keeps from fragmenting your reader base, and gives you a higher chance to get your story seen by more people.


... Looking back, that would have been better :facehoof:. Too late now though...

Thanks for the tip :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Amaranthine Thought deleted Aug 2nd, 2017

To answer your question from earlier: Yes, the way you would go about that would be to copy over the chapters from the new one into this one, and unpublish the new one.

Huzzah, justice is served and loyalty found! :yay:
I really like the story you've weaved behind the griffons; it is saddening, but I find myself sympathetic.:twilightsmile:
However, the dark magic is quite concerning...:trixieshiftleft:

Yes Loyalty has been restored

That was a wonderful, surprising, and moving chapter, skillfully done.

Excellent story. I'm amazed you have so few comments and reviews.

Another great chapter. Also grats on being featured.

Huh. Did not see that coming.

Well that escalated quickly

Odelally! Onward to victory! :flutterrage:
Whoop, this one really has my blood a-boilin', must be my German blood.

Been a while since I last read an interesting story like this one. Loved the way you build the world and the character. I do really hope that more people will find this story and find it as interesting as I do.

I absolutely love this story! Hag is such a great character; I love how you made her strong, but not overpowered. I also enjoy the bonds between her and the other characters of this story.

That being said, there is one thing that has me confused. In the first arch of this story, Hag was tasked to find happiness, honesty, and magic. I assumed that meant she only broke those elements and therefore only needed to replace those elements. I also believe there are multiple times where it is stated that the tree of harmony still has the other elements attached. The problem comes with the Undying Loyalty arch. I don't recall Loyalty being one of the elements that was destroyed, yet that is the second element she gets. I am assuming that Magic is next, especially because of the arch's title and how this seems to be the finale of the story. At first I thought that all the elements were destroyed, but there are too many instances where the characters indicate otherwise.

A final thought I have is about the spirits in the elements. Every time Hag broke an element, a spirit was freed. If the other elements aren't broken and Hag doesn't break them, does that mean they are still trapped against their will, or do they want to be in the elements. The happiness spirit seemed happy to be freed, but I can't say that all of them were truly imprisoned since I don't know how the magic and honesty spirit felt about being freed.

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