Takes place after the My Little Pony: Deviations comic and spoilers for it within.

Princess Celestia expected Blueblood would be able to find friends and use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon.

She deals with her mistake.

Chapters (1)
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Sorry, just to let you know, your short description says 'Blurblood' rather than 'Blueblood.' I kind of prefer it that way though! :twilightsmile:

Hey there. I have to say this looks like this could be a pretty entertaining short story. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed that rather epic (and very much deserved) chewing out. At least, without the pressure of living up to being Celestia's personal student, Twi DID make AT LEAST ONE friend besides Spike, her big brother and Cadance .

Just a couple of points:

Princess Celestia's biggest was and forever will be having not been able to save her sister from succumbing to her jealousy and being possessed by the Nightmare spirits which allowed her to become Nightmare Moon until she was still too late.

I think you left out a "regret" (i.e. Princess Celestia's biggest regret).

Plus, you left out a couple of commas (i.e. Princess Celestia's biggest regret ever was, and forever would be, having not being able to save her sister from succumbing to her jealousy and being possessed by the Nightmare spirits, which allowed her to become Nightmare Moon, until she was still too late.

At any rate, the humor was definitely well done so far and I will definitely be looking forward to the next chapter (though I am also quite willing to be patient).

what is My Little Pony: Aftermath

8149632 sorry I meant deviations and I fixed it

Oh God, this comic. It's in my top three most hated IDW comics out of all of them, and one where I actually wished I hadn't read it at all after finishing. Jeez.

I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but for the people who thought the idea offered potential, it was a complete and utter letdown and a waste of time.

8151249 sorry about that, I guess I am usually open to laugh out loud comedies
To me thought the only idw mlp comic I disliked was the infamous equestria girls anon a miss

8151249 out of curiousity what is the other two

I heard terrible things about the Anon-a-miss comic but I haven't read it myself, so it's not on the list. Could be that it would if I ever get around to reading it (and feel like torturing myself :pinkiecrazy:).

The other two are the one with the racist Deer Elves and the "Accord" saga, which is filled with gigantic plot holes and wasted potential.

8151389 having read the accord one due to not interested in the premise and I found out starlight solved the crisis and she is fastly becoming one of my most disliked characters
The deer one I know this thanks to linkara

But most of what I read from mlp idw I really liked, actually there is one other story from the comics I disliked, the one where the whole town has a fight over who founded ponyville

Yeah, that wasn't very good either. I loved the one where the CMC got lost on a field trip together with Snips and Snails and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They had some actual bonding moments in that.

The one with Accord had such gems as Celestia taking the Elements of Harmony back from the Tree and putting the Element of Magic on herself (because screw all those things about her not being able to handle them anymore, or how it's Twilight's Element now, or that the Tree needs them), using them on Accord... and they backfire. Because, so the comic argues, him mind-wiping everyone into brainless puppets is "Harmony". Oh, and it stops with Applejack apologising to Discord for saying him annoying them is, you know, annoying.

Anyway, back to the story. I wonder where you intend to take this, since the main point of the comic itself (and the joke) was that Blueblood is completely incapable of ever getting better. He was on the moon, with nothing, so there is nothing Celestia could force on him to improve. He's not like Luna, who steals candy from children and then denies ever having wanted to do anything bad.

THIS is why I say that the comic are NOT canon. I hate stories with Blueblood as a pompous ass.

8175297 well this one wasn't supposed to be canon anyway as it is part of the IDw deviations

Luckilly for us all, the comic in question was never meant to be taken as anyway possible cannon. Comic or otherwise.

I think the writter even said it was meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously.

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