• Published 8th May 2017
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What Was I Thinking? - cornholio4

Princess Celestia faces the folly of her decision in making Blueblood her personal student.

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Damage Control

Princess Celestia's biggest regret was and forever will be having not been able to save her sister from succumbing to her jealousy and being possessed by the Nightmare spirits which allowed her to become Nightmare Moon until she was still too late. However she knew what her biggest regret in recent years was...

Having made her nephew Prince Blueblood her personal protégée! He was like how Sunset had been when she was her protégée... only a billion times worse...

While they were both arrogant, impatient and had a very low opinion of other ponies thinking they were beneath her... at least Sunset was hardworking and had actual tremendous talent to back up her showboating. Blueblood however was lazy, only did the bare minimum to get by in his classes and even then it would take some (okay a whole lot of) prodding to make even that effort! Plus Sunset didn't treat all the Castle staff as his own personal servants.

She had sent him to oversee the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville hoping he would manage to make friends and find the Elements of Harmony so they could save Ponyville. To her delight she later that night found her sister Princess Luna in her former form wanting to apologise to her... but soon went to shock and surprise when she found a message for help on the Moon. She went to the moon only to be confused beyond belief when she found Blueblood being a self proclaimed emperor of a people and society made out of rocks.

She felt like she had needed a mug of cider after that... Especially when he started to go even further out of his mind and started singing on the way back.

Well after getting back he seemed to take no time at all in getting back to his usual self but she still had to deal with him now after knowing how he had gotten on in Ponyville. She got the details in a report from her sister and five mares from Ponyville she had befriended and wanted to scream out loud at what she read...

Why on Equestria had she not listened to Kibitz when he tried to talk her out of taking him under her wing? Why, Why, WHY?

Well what was done was (unfortunately) done, still at least she got her sister back, she said that her new friend Pinkie Pie wanted to show her the Judge Dredd costume she had gotten for the Variant Cover (whoever Judge Dredd was and what she meant by that, Princess Celestia really didn't care at the moment) but would be here later so they can start readjusting her to modern Equestria. That was good and before then she scheduled fifteen minutes where Kibitz would tell her 'I Told You So' nonstop for the whole quarter of an hour (she felt like she really deserved that).

She had called Blueblood to her personal office and was angrily facing him as he prattled on. "Glad that you could come and get me, being emperor of the Moon was nice at first but the Bubble Tea stand would not serve me, plus the Spa did not work so I am glad that things can get back to normal... can you believe what had happened during my time in Ponyville..." Blueblood drabbled on but a sharp slam on the desk by Celestia's hoove caused him to jump and squeeze his pet Bunny into a tight hug in fear. Bunny struggled to get out as Blueblood looked at the angry look on his aunt's face.

"No I do not believe what had happened, according to the report I got you had managed to anger and insult just about every pony who had come into contact with you during your time in Ponyville. You had the guards take you to Manhattan wasting hours when you were supposed to be overseeing the preparations, you treated Applejack like a servant when she thought she was helping you with a plan against Nightmare Moon, you used helpless animal pets of Fluttershy as well as your own pet to shield yourself, you had distracted Rainbow Dash during an attempt to stop the situation just so she could sign a form and you had insulted Rarity and Pinkie Pie!" Celestia thundered at him shaking her head.

"Sorry Aunt but I am not suited to deal with riffraff like in Ponyville and I needed errands done before then, I can't see myself doing these types of task again." Blueblood replied crossing his hooves allowing Bunny to escape when he had let go of him.

"Don't worry my dear faithful student, you don't ever have to deal with any tasks like that again..." Celestia told him with a smirking tone which made Blueblood relaxed. He then went back to being afraid as she angrily told him "BECAUSE YOU ARE NO LONGER MY PERSONAL STUDENT, HENCEFORTH YOU WILL BECOME JUST LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL STUDENT AT MY SCHOOL!"

Blueblood didn't really care as he didn't like the extra responsibilities and lectures this title had given him. "I am fine with that, if you excuse me please I need to go to the Spa now..." Blueblood said but before he could get out the door Princess Celestia used the magic to shut the door.

"When I said you will be like any other student I meant it, until further notice I am revoking your royal privileges and duties." Princess Celestia told him with a stern face which caused Blueblood's face to freeze in horror. "Which means you cannot order the staff around, you have to do your work yourself and if you want to go to the spa or have bubble tea... you should see about getting work to pay for it yourself or save up since I am changing it so you only get a certain amount of allowance every week. One more thing, you have been failing most of your classes and if you had done the overseeing correctly I was hoping to give you just enough extra credit to pass but it seems like you will now have to repeat the school year!" Princess Celestia finished hoping all this would finally get through to him so he can take some responsibility.

After all this information went through his brain one question came to mind and he asked:

"...but how about if I need to get some cashmere from Manehattan?"

Outside the castle the two top students in Blueblood's year at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns (indeed the top students of the entire school) were having a picnic together as they discussed an important literary topic. "How can you like the books post the original Daring Do trilogy Twilight? They devolved form smart books featuring clever puzzle solving to just brainless action?" Moondancer asked tucking in some sandwiches Moondancer's sister had made for her and her best friend Twilight's picnic. Twilight's dragon friend was at Twilight's house helping her older brother Shining Armor organise his old comic book collection.

Twilight after taking a bite was about to respond when they heard yelling and looked to the front door to see Prince Blueblood being telekinetically thrown out of the door and landing on the grass. "You think Princess Celestia finally got rid of the pompous jerk?" Moondancer asked and Twilight shrugged.

They then gasped when they noticed Princess Celestia from the door spotted them and then went up to them. What could their monarch want with them? Would it have to do with the news they had gotten that her long lost sister Princess Luna had returned?

Author's Note:

I really enjoyed the comic as I had gotten it on Comixology, in my opinion the funniest comic in all the IDW MLP stuff, spoilers for it within.

I had already had an idea for this story after I had read it but I had discovered a story on deviantart called My Little Pony Deviations Aftermath by VISION-KING.

I will admit my biggest fear after reading the premise is that in a life not being the princess's student, Twilight (my fave MLP character) would face a life of failure which would include her not passing her exam like some stories I know that are out there. However the background cameo of her on the first few pages (which sadly are all we see of her in the comic) show that she is accepted which she is happy about.

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Comments ( 13 )

Sorry, just to let you know, your short description says 'Blurblood' rather than 'Blueblood.' I kind of prefer it that way though! :twilightsmile:

Hey there. I have to say this looks like this could be a pretty entertaining short story. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed that rather epic (and very much deserved) chewing out. At least, without the pressure of living up to being Celestia's personal student, Twi DID make AT LEAST ONE friend besides Spike, her big brother and Cadance .

Just a couple of points:

Princess Celestia's biggest was and forever will be having not been able to save her sister from succumbing to her jealousy and being possessed by the Nightmare spirits which allowed her to become Nightmare Moon until she was still too late.

I think you left out a "regret" (i.e. Princess Celestia's biggest regret).

Plus, you left out a couple of commas (i.e. Princess Celestia's biggest regret ever was, and forever would be, having not being able to save her sister from succumbing to her jealousy and being possessed by the Nightmare spirits, which allowed her to become Nightmare Moon, until she was still too late.

At any rate, the humor was definitely well done so far and I will definitely be looking forward to the next chapter (though I am also quite willing to be patient).

what is My Little Pony: Aftermath

8149632 sorry I meant deviations and I fixed it

Oh God, this comic. It's in my top three most hated IDW comics out of all of them, and one where I actually wished I hadn't read it at all after finishing. Jeez.

I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but for the people who thought the idea offered potential, it was a complete and utter letdown and a waste of time.

8151249 sorry about that, I guess I am usually open to laugh out loud comedies
To me thought the only idw mlp comic I disliked was the infamous equestria girls anon a miss

8151249 out of curiousity what is the other two

I heard terrible things about the Anon-a-miss comic but I haven't read it myself, so it's not on the list. Could be that it would if I ever get around to reading it (and feel like torturing myself :pinkiecrazy:).

The other two are the one with the racist Deer Elves and the "Accord" saga, which is filled with gigantic plot holes and wasted potential.

8151389 having read the accord one due to not interested in the premise and I found out starlight solved the crisis and she is fastly becoming one of my most disliked characters
The deer one I know this thanks to linkara

But most of what I read from mlp idw I really liked, actually there is one other story from the comics I disliked, the one where the whole town has a fight over who founded ponyville

Yeah, that wasn't very good either. I loved the one where the CMC got lost on a field trip together with Snips and Snails and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They had some actual bonding moments in that.

The one with Accord had such gems as Celestia taking the Elements of Harmony back from the Tree and putting the Element of Magic on herself (because screw all those things about her not being able to handle them anymore, or how it's Twilight's Element now, or that the Tree needs them), using them on Accord... and they backfire. Because, so the comic argues, him mind-wiping everyone into brainless puppets is "Harmony". Oh, and it stops with Applejack apologising to Discord for saying him annoying them is, you know, annoying.

Anyway, back to the story. I wonder where you intend to take this, since the main point of the comic itself (and the joke) was that Blueblood is completely incapable of ever getting better. He was on the moon, with nothing, so there is nothing Celestia could force on him to improve. He's not like Luna, who steals candy from children and then denies ever having wanted to do anything bad.

THIS is why I say that the comic are NOT canon. I hate stories with Blueblood as a pompous ass.

8175297 well this one wasn't supposed to be canon anyway as it is part of the IDw deviations

Luckilly for us all, the comic in question was never meant to be taken as anyway possible cannon. Comic or otherwise.

I think the writter even said it was meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously.

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