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Doof Ex Machina

For the night is long and not over yet.


This is gonna be another completely regular day. One of sunshine and rainbows.

This work is a translation of a Russian story, but I do not know if the author has an account on FiMFiction.
Edited and preread by Absolution and krdragon.

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Comments ( 5 )

This fic is really good, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Littlepip.

Thanks! Though I must say there is a couple of things in the text that can give a little hint on Littlepip's involvement.

There were no clouds beneath him.

A gust of wind abruptly raised his head up, and there he saw two rainbows, the one which he had seen in the morning and the other that seemed to appear quite recently.

That a sucky ending, Found his place only to get goaled in the head by rebar.

Decent to strong 7 Этот комментарий был проспонсирован Небронем Kappa

Ooh, complicated ratings! А мы Неброня всё ждали.

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