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I am a normal geek that doesnt like family and bullshits his way through more science explanations than originally thought possible.


Devon (the dad) and Rainbow dash have been in the same world for a few months now. but now a problem arises that could tear them apart again

The time line this adheres to is as follows

Original My Little Dashie By -


My Little Dashie 2 - Who Am I By -


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Having skipped My Little Dashie 2: Electric Boogaloo... let's complete the trilogy by seeing what Dash Hard With a Vengeance is about, shall we...? This ought to be... something. I like something. Something's my favorite.

You forgot to credit the original.

Why all the hate on my story?

i don't hate i loved it i hope you make a third story in this timeline and a fourth with a happier ending where rainbow's human father *spoilers to the final story of the cannon "my little dashie"* either he doesn't die or die a less painful death. i was really sad that he died painfully in the cannon story of "my little dashie".

8576573 really? thanks. i thought chapter 1 to 4 were the better parts of the story. 5 and 6 were just superhero based

8576573plus. fun fact. this was the very first mlp story ive ever written. i just submitted it after The True Me

cool still i hope you make more sequels in this timeline and so what a superhero is not bad plus you build a character that wasn't op and gave him a great personality you even stated he STILL needed help from the ponies to beat the timberwolf army in my books thats how a superhero should be like in any fanfic not just with the ponies

well, technically, he just needed celestias sword to give him that extra boost. ps, im reading your story right now. youve been a brony way longer than me. i became on in april

thank you but you might not like it not very many people did so you might not like and yep what was your first episode or movie that made you want to join the herd

it was actually readin some of the fanfictions made by other bronies. but what sucks? my parents dont know im one. most people at my school do, but not my parents. im writing on my xbox one to speak

but i can kinda see why people didnt like it. but it kinda started like mine. rushing into introductions. not very descrptive. a whole bunch of crap

yep i have more chapters to write with a lot more character development but i stopped because i got discouraged with all the hate and i too am using my xboxone but it takes 5 times longer to write my fic so until i get a proper computer i can't upload my other 50 chapters the reason i'm writing again is because a few of my friends are supporting me as well as my sister

if you want to be friends on live my gamertag is the same as my username here minus the second 30 in my username

yeah, but your lucky. you have irl people to support you. Me? I have to keep an ear open at all times just to make sure my parents dont catch me writing mlp crap. Plus i don't have any irl friends, let alone other bronies friends. plus no smart siblings to speak of. my brother is 4 and he cant talk

i would like to be an irl friend to you if you want that's why i asked you to be my friend on live thats why i offered you my gamertag for a friend request on live

not what i meant. I have friends online. But irl friends? Like friends at school or that live near me? none. nothing. nada. im like hannibal lector. nobody wants to be near me. dont understand why.

ps. username - damyonthecool

that's sad i would like to meet you in real life even give you a fluttershy hug but that sucks because i live in winnipeg,mb in canada i don't know where you hail from

same country diffrent province. also, im getting more of a pegasister fan vibe than brony vibe off you for some reason.(msg through xbox pls. i dont want to overflow my comment section with my life

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