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Bloodline Spike

Your favorite skeleton dragon writer here on Fimfiction.Hope to be your bro so we can share the madness of Fimfiction


After Twilight leaves the castle for a friendship mission.She asked Starlight for help to babysit Spike who didn't like the idea tries to make friends on his own.Spike thinks of one idea lead to a unexpected mess for Starlight.

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How can THAT be possible?!?!!?!?!!!

Ok I am confused... what this story really bout anyway?

FLUTTERSPIKE CAN FLY?!!?!?!? Is the freaking universe against Spike?!?!!!

Ahh! Headache!!!!

'Don't warrior I devise a plan that would find them."

It's don't worry, not don't warrior.

I understand and thank you for telling me I will fix it right away!

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